Translation of quiescent in Spanish:


inactivo, adj.

Pronunciation: /kwʌɪˈɛs(ə)nt//kwiˈɛsnt//kwaɪˈɛsnt//kwɪˈɛs(ə)nt/


  • 1formal

    (state) inactivo
    (state) quiescente formal
    (period) de inactividad
    • Many species, especially non-vertebrates, exhibit quiescent life stages of indeterminate duration.
    • The embryo enters a quiescent stage, accumulates storage compounds and acquires desiccation tolerance.
    • Her prior medical history was otherwise only remarkable for a quiescent ulcerative colitis.
    • The contours of African life through the relatively quiescent decade after 1963 were moulded by demographic and social change as much as by repression.
    • In some patients, the disease remains quiescent, and pulmonary function tests show only a slow decline in function.
    • By 1964, the seemingly quiescent laity had acquired a public voice.
    • Originally quiescent politically, the majority of Deobandis opposed the partition of India and saw Pakistan as the creation of Western forces.
    • The tumor is usually benign and remains histologically quiescent for a long period of time.
    • In haploid yeast, cells arrest in the G 1 phase of the cell cycle and enter a quiescent phase referred to as G 0.
    • A lobotomized patient may not feel any happier, but affectless, quiescent people are surely easier to deal with in an institution.
    • In developing and democratizing countries, the masses are less ignorant, quiescent, or afraid than they once were.
    • This suggests the existence of a comparatively long-lived quiescent tectonic regime over that interval.
    • Consequently, Chalk should not be perceived as merely a thick pelagic ooze deposited in a tectonically quiescent period.
    • And what are the circumstances like now, presumably the volcanoes would be extinct, they're quiescent?
    • Yet despite the widespread attention these economic woes received, the Japanese public remained strangely quiescent.
    • Good press, or at least a quiescent press, is the absolute goal.
    • During fasting, or between meals, the gastrointestinal tract is not completely quiescent.
    • She was so elated that for the rest of that day, and for the rest of that week, the little worm of melancholy which had been eating away at her heart was quiescent.
    • Germination is a period characterized by the events that commence with the uptake of water by the quiescent dry seed and terminate with the elongation of the embryonic axis.
    • The Local Government Act 1985 abolished the six metropolitan councils, replacing their police authorities by more quiescent joint boards.