Translation of quietly in Spanish:


silenciosamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈkwʌɪətli//ˈkwaɪətli/


  • 1

    (silently, not loudly)
    (move/stand) silenciosamente
    (move/stand) sin hacer ruido
    (murmur/speak/whisper) en voz baja
    to play quietly tocar con suavidad
    • Do you hit the town after dark, collapse quietly with a book or go celebrity-spotting?
    • A host of friends remember him only as a kindly old man, quietly spoken and with a good sense of humour.
    • He speaks so quietly and so modestly that it is hard to envisage him as the authoritative playmaker that he is.
    • By now quietly wishing I was back home again, I wandered into town and bought some lunch.
    • The family sitting out on blankets under the stars, talking quietly, is not foreign to me.
    • The carriage was surprisingly relaxing and even the children chattered quietly.
    • We left quietly, one by one, without telling anyone and without taking anything with us.
    • We went into the game quietly confident that we could win it but we paid a high price.
    • Whether he can turn a club around as easily as he can a game remains to be seen but he's quietly confident.
    • Sipping from a bottle of water, he speaks quietly and carefully, rarely animated.
    • These three major appointments were announced quietly in a press release a couple of weeks ago.
    • He is quietly confident that he is steering the economic juggernaut in the right direction.
    • They stayed for a while, talking quietly in the sun but it was clear they felt out of place, out of their own world.
    • In this project, she imagines, she will be quietly supported by her new acquaintances.
    • The game started quietly as both teams came to terms with slippery conditions.
    • People are also coming to church during the week, sometimes just to sit quietly and reflect.
    • He has quietly become one of the leading players, winning six times over the past three seasons.
    • All evening he'd been sitting quietly on a bench not saying a word to anyone.
    • The morning started quietly in bright sun but with a chill wind, a day with one foot in winter and one in spring.
    • Toddlers are skilled at roaring around - sitting them down quietly is much more of a task.
  • 2

    • 2.1(peacefully)

      (rest/sleep) tranquilamente
      they live quietly in the country llevan una vida tranquila en el campo

    • 2.2(unobtrusively, calmly)

      (dress/mention) discretamente
      a quietly determined woman una mujer que persigue sus objetivos con callada resolución
      • he quietly assumed responsibility asumió calladamente la responsabilidad
      • he quietly insinuated himself into their circle poco a poco y sin atraer la atención se fue introduciendo en su círculo