Translation of quintessence in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌkwɪnˈtɛsəns//kwɪnˈtɛs(ə)ns/


  • 1

    the quintessence of sth la quintaesencia de algo
    • Rolfe Kent's sunny up-tempo soundtrack bubbles ironically along, its sixties Italian jazz the quintessence of carefree.
    • The quintessence of luxury, based upon a range of cashmere, the main collection for this winter is an irresistible invitation to enjoy the ultimate in refined elegance.
    • In both his visits to the wicket he was the quintessence of anxiety.
    • Euro 2004 has begun on the right note, as a quintessence of football skills.
    • Richard Conlon's Brick, handsome, quiet, explosively raging in his guilt and despair over the death of his friend, is the quintessence of the rich boy laid low by unforgiving social mores.
    • ‘Fingerprint’ evidence was regarded as virtually beyond challenge until replaced in recent years by DNA hits as the very quintessence of certainty.
    • Despite his trepidation, betrayed by occasional furtive glances to the right and left, Waddley was the quintessence of efficiency.
    • But above all the play itself - its writing, the conceptions it embodies, and the way it tells its story - is a quintessence of skill.
    • Françoise Hardy was the waif-like archetype for a certain type of French vocal which many consider the quintessence of Sixties French pop.
    • In his brilliant first volume on the Second World War, Winston Churchill describes French statesmanship on the eve of war as ‘the quintessence of defeatism.’
    • A commentary on the website of CBS, the nearest equivalent to the BBC for serious news in the US, summed up: ‘Diana was the quintessence of cool’.
    • Previously I was playing a beautiful prelude in C sharp minor op. 45 by Chopin, a piece that is the quintessence of healing compassion, so my heart was full and my spirit was ready to heal.
    • It would have redefined beauty, and captured the very quintessence of rural innocence.
    • The Agony and the Ecstasy is the much-mocked quintessence of Hollywood's ham-fistedness when it comes to filming the lives of the great artists.
    • It's the quintessence of all the bad things about email and none of the good things.
    • Wachner is the quintessence of the driven, laser-focused American businesswoman.
    • Sometime snooker world champion, perpetually in the tabloids for his substance-assisted high jinks, he's the quintessence of Essex wide-boy.