Translation of quintuple in Spanish:


quintuplicar, v.

Pronunciation /kwɪnˈtjuːp(ə)l//ˈkwɪntjʊp(ə)l//kwɪnˈtəpəl//kwɪnˈt(j)upəl/

transitive verb

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intransitive verb

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    (profit/dividend) quíntuplo
    (profit/dividend) quíntuple
    (division) por cinco
    quintuple time compás de cinco cuartos masculine
    • Some doctors feared the confusion could lead to concern that the public might turn against the quintuple jab, despite universal agreement that it is an improvement on earlier vaccines.
    • To add to the usual litany of woes that go with ageing, he's had a quintuple heart bypass.
    • Jenkins' heart attack was caused by five blocked arteries, which required her to have quintuple bypass surgery.
    • Ministers, who will formally announce the plan tomorrow, insist the quintuple jab is safe, and a positive development for parents because it replaces the whooping cough vaccine, which contained mercury.
    • In October 2002 he had a heart attack and then quintuple bypass surgery, which he links to the stress of the long dispute.
    • The thing about being independent is that all the profits are quadruple, quintuple what someone on a major label would make.