Translation of quirk in Spanish:


singularidad, n.

Pronunciation /kwəːk//kwərk/


  • 1

    (of circumstance)
    singularidad feminine
    by a quirk of fate por una de esas casualidades (de la vida)
    • a statistical quirk una anomalía estadística
    • As I look at this photo of her as a young woman, I can't help but ponder the strange quirks of genetics.
    • Another strange pedestrian quirk is the proliferation of underpasses in the city.
    • It was a strange quirk of fate that the Queen who had ordered the crushing of O'Neill did not live to see his submission as she died six days earlier, on March 25th 1603.
    • Instead of that he was a victim of the strange quirks that the proportional representation system continues to throw up.
    • In one of those strange quirks of mathematical fate, Möbius was not actually the first to discover or describe the object.
  • 2

    (of person)
    rareza feminine
    peculiaridad feminine
    • The smart screenplay lends itself to the character quirks that make them seem more human.
    • It's very odd knowing that people are watching me for little obsessive-compulsive quirks now, even though I'm pretty much all better.
    • It is as extraordinary and unique as the artist himself, full of all the quirks, oddities and jokes that make him such a national treasure.
    • Completely inhabiting his character's traits and quirks, he is tailor made for the role.
    • His skits or character quirks aren't as funny the second time around.
    • You feel you get to know all the characters and their quirks, the island and its people, and the magic and superstitions come to life in an burst of colour.
    • Some critics even contend that too many characteristics or quirks are being pathologized - labeled abnormal - to make money.
    • Every commander also has pet peeves, quirks, and peculiarities.
    • He rightly concentrates on the particular textures and quirks of the characters rather than on the scenery.
    • However, I have a big problem with people using similar versions of my character names, character quirks, story titles, plot summaries, and memorable plot events.
    • In this book, we are treated to numerous such sketches that accurately illustrate many of the behavioral quirks of grebes, some of which are nearly impossible to capture on film.
    • The acting is good, with nobody working too hard at their character's quirks.
    • Crucially it reveals the quirks in our behaviour that marketers are desperate to gain an insight into.
    • She could have written a flow chart of editors' quirks, reporters' abilities, and the power dynamics of management - all within her first two months in the office.
    • But you've got those quirks that make you endearing
    • Common sense applied to the particular behavioral quirks of your child is probably your best bet.
    • I've been wondering if you put some part of yourself, be that some weird idiosyncrasy, quirks, etc, into the characters you create.
    • There are too many peculiarities and quirks of the hardware, and drivers are hard to come by.
    • When attempts are made to individualize the characters, their personality quirks seem half-hearted and copied from any number of other war movies.
    • These characters' personal quirks are as colorful and various as their day jobs.