Translation of quit in Spanish:


dejar, v.

Pronunciation /kwɪt//kwɪt/


  • 1

    (give up)
    (habit/job) dejar US
    (contest) abandonar
    I've finally quit the habit finalmente he dejado de fumar (or beber etc.)
    • quit it! ¡basta ya!
    • to quit -ing dejar de + inf
    • quit talking and listen! ¡deja de hablar y escucha!
    • Dan has been living on the street for ten months now, after he quit a rehabilitation project for ex-prisoners.
    • All three quit of their own volition, which probably eased the transition.
    • I hate having to quit a project, leaving it unfinished.
    • His mother and teacher had visions of a life as a concert musician, but Harry quit lessons at age 15.
    • One of the oft-asked questions about this actor is why he does not quit his job as college lecturer and devote himself full-time to films.
    • As a result of the settlement many former strikers took early retirement or quit their jobs.
    • Shortly after their marriage, Billy came home and told her that he was quitting his job.
    • Many of the individuals who took out loans defaulted on them or quit their projects.
    • So hooray for that and quit fussing over growing older.
    • The farmers soon quit producing, and cocoa exports dropped from 19 percent of gross domestic product to 3 percent.
    • This is why I quit drinking - I tried to cut back, and couldn't.
    • I always knew that I'd find something better to do after quitting my job.
    • I quit my nine-to-five job and became a professional photographer.
    • But the second sister made the greatest personal sacrifice for the family, for she quit her studies to make money in order that her siblings can study.
    • Analysis of the data indicated that in the first year, the children who scored in the bottom half in sight reading and playing by ear were much more likely to quit lessons.
    • For most workers, quitting a job to take up a better offer doesn't generally require a public explanation.
    • She quit her teaching assignment in a school to become a professional singer.
    • Only four out of 1,000 employees who quit jobs last year retired due to their age, according to the Ministry of Labor.
    • I couldn't watch the news and I quit reading newspapers and magazines.
    • That same week she found an apartment in Erie, quit her job, packed her things and moved to Pennsylvania.
    • He quit his job, packed up his possessions, bought a racing bike and moved out West.
    • The father-of-three had set himself up in business as a first aid trainer after quitting his job as a college lecturer.
    • I quit my job as president of a manufacturing company when I turned 58.
    • Why do you quit your routine when you begin to make progress?
    • In the past, such altruistic new boys have often made little contribution in Parliament and have usually quit after a couple of terms.
    • In order to care for the patient, most families had to quit other activities.
    • Sylvia had a hard life, but never quit speaking out about what she believed, and she'll be sorely missed.
    • I eventually quit the job a year later, packed up my bags and my son and ran away from it all to start all over again.
    • A single mum is quitting her job and going back on benefits so she can afford to raise her two-year-old son.
    • She would like to start a family in the next year or two and says her husband talks about quitting his job as a driver with a German company to look after the baby, especially if her job pays more than his.
    • But one team member has since quit the project, taking half of the money.
    • Since he quit Labour in 1997 he has been working in public relations and will take a significant cut in income to take up the new job.
    • At 24, I had quit my job, packed up everything I owned into the back of my Volkswagen, and moved 1000 miles away for no good reason.
    • Many people who stopped smoking didn't quit the first time, but they didn't stop trying.
    • I quit dancing three years ago because my ‘friends’ made fun of me during ballet class.
    • He e-mailed me saying he was quitting the job and going back east, admitting that I had been right.
    • I'm quitting the job at the airport at the end of this week.
    • If you're still trying to quit the hard way - whether it's cold turkey, or with gum, patches or inhalers - maybe it's time to try something new.
    • And he used to say, if you find yourself in a ditch, quit digging.
  • 2

    (town/premises) dejar
    (town/premises) irse de
    (town/premises) marcharse de Spain
    • The villagers told them to quit the place immediately.
    • But yesterday the group announced it was quitting the site following huge opposition from local residents.
    • Several industrial estate businesses have threatened to quit the town if the site goes ahead.
    • Earlier this week a judge at Southampton County Court ordered that the travellers should quit the site by yesterday.
    • A pensioner who has lived in Bolton all her life has quit the town vowing never to return after being plagued by thieves.
    • Abdul barks orders, and they quit base camp hastily.
    • A firm employing 50 workers in Witham is quitting the town.
    • In a half an hour, I quit this place, slip into the ocean, and hassle the local aquatic life with my snorkel and my submersible camera.
    • The same month, a beauty salon owner quit the street after 13 years, saying she no longer felt safe.
    • A report has revealed that around half of people suffering from serious stress who quit towns and cities for a rural idyll end up more miserable than before.
    • Stores and offices are already quitting the area where widescale demolition is due to take place to make way for the planned shopping scheme.
    • Industry has quit our city centres, the air in them is cleaner and high-density urban living is officially good again.
    • He said he would take first watch and quit his place near the fire.
    • A judge has ordered the 30 caravans to quit the county council-owned land near Southampton by Friday.
    • Since the town council announced they would be quitting the civic centre, fears have been growing that the City Council will sell the building.
    • It is the latest in a line of small independent traders to quit the town.
    • He fears that other quality stores will quit the city if its continues to allow more discount stores to trade.
    • Like them, I desired to quit the place of my raising.
    • A one-time ardent fan of Bangalore, he now wants to quit the city.
    • The High Court ordered that the gypsies must quit the site and that order was stayed to allow the planning process to be used to agree or deny use of this piece of farmland for development.
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    salir de

intransitive verb

  • 1US

    quit while you're ahead retírate ahora que vas ganando
    • I quit! ¡me voy!
  • 2

    (give in)
    don't quit now no abandones ahora
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    notice to quit notificación de desahucio / desalojo feminine
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to be quit of

  • 1

    haberse librado de
    at last we're quit of them por fin nos hemos librado de ellos