Translation of quite in Spanish:


completamente, adv.

Pronunciation: /kwaɪt//kwʌɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(completely, absolutely)

      are you sure? — yes, quite sure ¿estás seguro? — sí, completamente / totalmente (seguro)
      • he made her give it back — quite right too! se lo hizo devolver — ¡y con toda la razón!
      • quite the most exquisite dress el vestido más precioso que te puedas imaginar
      • we quite simply forgot nos olvidamos, lisa y llanamente
      • I can quite believe it no me cabe la menor duda
      • I still can't quite believe it todavía no me lo creo del todo / no acabo de creérmelo
      • I quite appreciate your difficulty comprendo perfectamente tu problema
      • I quite agree with you there en eso estoy totalmente / completamente de acuerdo contigo
      • this will only make matters worse — quite! esto solo va a empeorar las cosas — ¡exactamente!
      • that's quite enough! ¡basta ya!
      • is this what you wanted? — not quite ¿es esto lo que buscaba? — no exactamente
      • they're not quite perfect no son cien por ciento perfectos
      • she's not quite ten todavía no ha cumplido los diez
      • there's nothing quite like champagne realmente no hay como el champán
      • quite the contrary / reverse todo lo contrario
      • he looks quite the little man in his new suit parece todo un hombrecito con su traje nuevo
      • there were quite 40 or 50 people present había por lo menos unas 40 o 50 personas
      • I think there are all sorts of practical reasons, quite separate from the ethics, as to why you might want to take prisoners.
      • For someone to do it at such a young age is quite extraordinary.
      • Nonetheless, to suggest that Old English as a written language was ever quite dead and buried would be misleading.
      • His brothers could never quite agree on his ransom price, so Ferdinand withered away in captivity.
      • Neither of them could ever quite figure out how they had survived growing up with her.
      • As one can imagine, such a tremendous impact is quite devastating on the human body.
      • I've had quite enough of you and your stories.
      • Thanks for making this point, which I quite agree with, but which was left out of my original answer for lack of space.
      • Even though the samples are all fairly small it's quite amazing to be able to see all that.
      • Another problem is that some companies sub-contract work to firms which, quite frankly, are not up to the job.
      • Speaking of levels of ignorance, I quite agree with Mick Hartley's letter.
      • Well, my road has traffic calming measures and quite frankly they make little or no difference.
      • I propose that this pharaoh is not Nefertiti, but quite a different person altogether.
      • Here the facts are quite complex and quite different from the residential construction cases.
      • The loss of drums and effects doesn't come at the cost of intensity; quite the reverse.
      • He is one of the richest characters in the whole of the Wodehouse creation, absolutely rounded and quite without flaw.
      • Frankly, I could quite happily live the rest of my life never having to contend with that experience again.
      • These people have absolutely no power in it and quite frankly I think it's a waste of time.
      • She had black hair and an olive complexion, and was quite different from my mother.
      • While I quite agree about the need for condemnation, he has missed an important point.

    • 1.2

      you'll have quite a job persuading her te va a costar lo tuyo / te va a dar mucho trabajo convencerla
      • quite a few of them have already left muchos de ellos ya se han ido
      • that was quite a match! ¡fue un partidazo!

  • 2British

    it's quite warm today hoy hace bastante calorcito informal
    • there were quite a few había bastantes
    • we see them quite often los vemos bastante a menudo
    • I quite liked it — only quite? me gustó bastante — ¿solo bastante?
    • it's quite likely you've lost it es muy probable que lo hayas perdido