Translation of quoit in Spanish:


aro, n.

Pronunciation /kɔɪt//k(w)ɔɪt//kwɔɪt/


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    aro masculine
    herrón masculine
    • The surface of a sphere is a good example, as is a torus (the mathematical name for the shape of the surface of a quoit, or a ring-shaped doughnut).
    • It uses rubber rings and to make up for their lack of shape, one side is coloured black, the other white and any quoit which falls black side up, doesn't score.
    • In the old days, games could go on until after midnight - what with the drinking and that - and we had to light matches to show players where to land the quoit.
    • Deck Quoits played with quoits made from rope has been a popular pastime on cruise ships for decades.
    • A whole day of sponsored games, including skipping, soccer skills, rugby touch-downs and quoit balancing, helped to raise £520.
    • Pitching quoits is common at family reunions and picnics.