Translation of qwerty in Spanish:


qwerty, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkwəːti/


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    qwerty keyboard teclado qwerty masculine
    • You might not even be able to assume that the qwerty keyboard was chosen because it was such a great layout.
    • If you'd like to test out the Dvorak keyboard, Windows' operating system can be set to recognise your keyboard as a Dvorak keyboard instead of a qwerty.
    • One which has to have a qwerty keyboard simply can't survive in the phone business; while one which simply must have a mouse input is never going to be usable one-handed.
    • I'm learning how to touch type the numerical keys on the qwerty keyboard.
    • Today, qwerty is my preferred mode of text input, and I very much want my smart phone to support qwerty as well.
    • Slip back the cover and there's a tiny qwerty keyboard, or you can use the stylus to input data.
    • The stenotype works a bit like a portable word processor, but with a modified, 22-button keyboard in place of the standard qwerty setup.
    • Anyone who has used a Palm device before will find the stylus-driven touch-screen perfectly familiar, while the qwerty thumb keyboard makes emailing and texting that bit quicker.
    • Input with an ordinary qwerty keyboard (with predictive programmes) is rapid.
    • So, with this in mind, have you ever noticed how close ‘d' and ‘g’ are on a qwerty keyboard?
    • In other words, the genetic code is the qwerty keyboard of biology - not necessarily the best solution, but too deeply ingrained to be replaced or improved.
    • Shaped like a candy bar, with a light bluish gray and silver trim, it boasts a bright backlit qwerty, or traditional, keyboard that practically begs your thumbs to touch it.