Translation of race relations in Spanish:

race relations

relaciones raciales, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    relaciones raciales feminine
    before noun race relations legislation legislación en materia de relaciones raciales feminine
    • All three students made a major contribution to the college's work to encourage good race relations in the town.
    • Police patrols have been stepped up to prevent further disorder in the city, and race relations officers have appealed for calm.
    • I have high hopes for our world and the state of race relations and inclusion.
    • An 88-point action plan has been put forward to improve Asian access to housing and improve race relations.
    • It is about time race relations were looked at very carefully.
    • At a time when race relations have never been so smooth, increasing numbers of people are pessimistic about racial issues.
    • His proposal would have far-reaching effects on race relations.
    • When he wrote publicly about race relations, he was bombarded with hate mail.
    • Public bodies have a duty to eliminate discrimination in the way they work and to promote equality of opportunity and good race relations.
    • Members backed his stance, but said social cohesion and improved race relations were vitally important.
    • I cannot see this doing race relations any favours in an area where there have already been problems.
    • There is a lot of pessimism about race relations in this country.
    • These athletes have done more for racial harmony than all the members of the race relations board put together.
    • The event at the town's Punjabi Community Centre marked a gathering of groups involved in race relations in the town.
    • The parallels between race relations and gender relations are sometimes surprising.
    • Has she seen any reports on how New Zealand should deal with issues related to race relations and the treaty?
    • For years, I have led myself to believe that race relations were getting better in the world.
    • I felt the only path open to me was through legal channels but found the legal arena of little help despite the race relations and human rights law.
    • He was for partial and symbolic measures when it came to race relations.
    • If proper attention is not given to what is broadcast and how it is presented, our efforts to improve race relations could well suffer.