Translation of racialism in Spanish:


racismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪʃəˌlɪzəm//ˈreɪʃəlɪz(ə)m/



  • 1

    racismo masculine
    • In all the social sciences, the doctrines of racialism were accepted as a given.
    • More particularly, the factors that give rise to this condition are said to be the interlocking of massive unemployment, government legislation and growing racialism in local areas.
    • Thankfully the obvious evils of Nazism forced many socialists to rethink their racialism, unfortunately leaving their loving faith in State supremacy and social engineering firmly intact.
    • She cites last year's hue and cry over the lack of minorities on network television shows as an example of racialism.
    • That was a decade before the October Revolution, but racialism was already widely accepted as the mark of the Left in many countries, including England.
    • For the sort of oppression they favour is the seed from which all racialism, including anti-Semitism, grows.
    • And when race and diversity stand together as legitimate - even constitutional - principles, we have indeed arrived at the threshold of legally sanctioned racialism.
    • This changed towards the end of the century, when a turn to evolutionist Darwinian theory and German nationalism drove German anthropology towards racialism.
    • Although his classmates neither humiliated him nor embraced Nazi racialism, he writes, they ‘looked the other way’ when persecution began.
    • Thus, ‘Darwinist ideology,’ as she calls it, was appropriated by sections of the monarchy and capitalist class to fuel a growing racialism.
    • While eschewing explicit racialism, advocates of immigration restriction expressed anxiety that the immigrants posed a threat to the homogeneity of the United States.
    • Nevertheless, varied combinations of ancient philosophical essentialism and nineteenth-century scientific racialism linger to this day in American folk concepts of race.
    • Those identifying an ethnic basis for sectional strife had greater affinity with a second intellectual trend of the mid-nineteenth century: the romantic racialism ascendant on both sides of the Atlantic.
    • In Trinidad, I grew up in the last days of that kind of racialism.
    • Because of that movement, a number of new laws and regulations were enacted to reduce racialism.
    • Once you realize that racialism is at the root of so many problems you can begin to overcome it and then overlook the differences between yourself and others around you.
    • Like others of her generation, she accepted, at least superficially, the ideology of racialism.
    • Her academic side includes research on hip-hop music and racialism.