Translation of racism in Spanish:


racismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪsɪz(ə)m//ˈreɪˌsɪzəm/


  • 1

    racismo masculine
    • It is clear that people have a variety of perspectives on issues of race and racism.
    • This group has a stake in the perpetuation of racism and will desire and work for it to continue.
    • The whole sorry saga shows that the meaning of racism has become twisted beyond recognition.
    • Anyway, it turns out that the main party of racism and class bigotry appears to be in terminal decline.
    • Secondly, as has been stressed before, it is legally and morally wrong to promote racism.
    • Although much of his writing was an attack on racism, his politics had a much wider focus.
    • He explores a number of issues, from the environment and friendship, to slavery and racism.
    • You shouldn't be able to become a cop if your mind is poisoned with racism and ignorance.
    • This can't be just dismissed as a manifestation of latent racism in Australian society.
    • That is as true for contemporary racism as it is for its manifestations in history.
    • It is a form of racism to suggest that one religion is right and all others are not.
    • The most inflexible form of racism holds that race is determined biologically.
    • Perhaps the series writers are trying to highlight the inequities perpetuated by racism?
    • Nationalism is, in my view, an unpleasant manifestation of racism that I have no time for.
    • The Austrians have no monopoly on racism, but the success of Haider is not really about Austria.
    • I would argue that racism is neither reducible to social class or gender nor wholly autonomous.
    • Such people will inevitably bring their racism and sexism into the jury room.
    • Those at the top of society fan ideas of nationalism, racism and sexism that divide people.
    • Is it possible to be a supporter without some form of nationalism, or even racism, coming into it?