Translation of racy in Spanish:


animado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪsi//ˈreɪsi/

adjectiveracier, raciest

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    • It offers a lively - at times even racy - read, with events vividly described and attention held by the anecdotes peppered throughout.
    • The feature was also loaded with racy photos and a variety of rude quotations.
    • The racy, hour-long play explores power, revenge, sexual behaviour, and the nature of evil.
    • So racy is/was the content that in the 1930s the book could not even have been legally shipped through the US mail!
    • The network isn't exactly family entertainment, although the shows' racy content had been somewhat toned down by the time Smith came aboard.
    • They didn't like little ears to hear their juicy if not racy gossip.
    • As for the film being racy, raunchy or titillating, there's utterly nothing groundbreaking here.
    • Our reporter joins us now with controversy that surrounds these sexy women dancing in these racy videos.
    • In light of its vast market power, Wal-Mart has infuriated the media with its long-standing refusal to stock obscene CDs and racy magazines.
    • The material is frequently ribald, often racy, and always laced with profanity.
    • His fast-growing clothing company is built on pro-labor policies, racy ads, and a sexually charged culture
    • At the time, the idea was to do a series of racy TV-movies for late Saturday nights that would be more adult and risqué than anything then being done for network television.
    • Asked just how racy the pictures will be, Stevens explains, ‘The girl can do whatever she is comfortable with.’
    • When a church leader asked him to tone down his use of racy language in his columns, his answer was swift.
    • Readers looking for a racy, entertaining romp full of plot twists, scandal and exposed secrets will not be disappointed.
    • The film is probably most notable for its attempts to entertain adults with racy jokes and visuals.
    • Entertainment Weekly wrote about racy Y / A novels in this week's issue.
    • His novels are entertaining, racy and often irreverent.
    • The album has been a best-seller as well as being well-received critically - MTV called it racy and experimental, influenced by 70s R&B and rap grooves.
    • The show disappeared for a short while when no network wished to run what was at times, a racy and offensive series.
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    (story/joke) subido de tono
    (story/joke) picante