Translation of radar in Spanish:


radar, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪdɑː//ˈreɪˌdɑr/


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    radar masculine
    (station/scanner) (before noun) de radar
    radar speed detector detector de velocidad por radar masculine
    • Chavez reported that Venezuelan radar detected the presence of the ships and planes during the coup attempt.
    • Digital cellphones are similar to radar, using pulses carried by microwaves.
    • Using radar, the Protector system becomes active only after the driver has failed to react.
    • Solid-state phase shifters steer optical beams for laser communications and radar.
    • The flares are fired when the crew detect, by radar, they are being chased by a missile homing in on the hot exhaust of the plane.
    • The officer must have visual estimation of speed before using radar to confirm it.
    • Most of us who drive cars have grown up since the advent of radar to detect speeding.
    • After all, they argued, how can anyone seriously think photo radar will reduce speeding?
    • Its advanced stealth features help prevent the aircraft from being detected by radar.
    • Part of the reason was that corporate cost cutting had left the ship without radar.
    • The robot warriors use GPS, radar, laser radar and a host of other technologies to move without human aid.
    • You even see a form of radar at many grocery stores when the doors open automatically!
    • The development of radar to intercept aircraft and direct gunfire revolutionized the Allied bombing offensive.
    • The MCA said the study looked for impacts on compasses and various kinds of communications and positioning systems as well as radar.
    • The boats had such a low profile and were so quick that they could be within seven miles before radar detected them.
    • To an extent, higher speeds can also make aircraft more visible to radar and susceptible to threats.
    • If someone did try to destroy us we'd detect it on radar before we were hit and could send a blast straight back.
    • These systems use radar as the surveillance and cueing sensor to achieve this.
    • That expelling of exhaust is vital in detecting their presence on radar.
    • Lidar is a remote sensing technique that uses laser light in much the same way that sonar uses sound or radar uses radio waves.