Translation of radial in Spanish:


radial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪdiəl//ˈreɪdɪəl/


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    (pattern/form) radial
    (pattern/form) radiado
    • The overall longitudinal and radial structure of the root was normal and no cell tier was missing (data not shown).
    • I suggested the use of radial lines emanating from the flame.
    • Both diametrical and radial defect lines are found within the DNA cholesteric spherulites studied.
    • These faint, radial lines were first observed by Voyager, 25 years ago, and have also been seen in pictures from Hubble.
    • The skin is light green with dark radial stripes; when ripe, the flesh is creamy white, with relatively few seeds.
    • This cranked geometry inflects around the pair of large adjacent trees and registers a trace of the radial gardens.
    • If a perpendicular measurement is impossible, the observer records radial distance and sighting angle.
    • However, an extra element of patterning is required in the Antirrhinum flower, which has a bilateral symmetry imposed on the basic radial pattern common to all flowers.
    • Seasoned logs will be light to the touch and will have radial cracks from the centre to the outside of the wood.
    • The helices have a radial slope and converge at the intracellular bundle narrowing.
    • This indicates that the applied geometrical constraints alone are not sufficient to explain the observed radial arrangements.
    • The surface is marked by concentric lines and low radial ridges.
    • Chromosome loss is indicated by the production of aneuploid colonies that are small and may contain haploid sectors that spread in radial arrays.
    • This causes a deviation from the usually radial septal arrangement to a more bilateral one in transverse thin sections.
    • The degree of radial increase or decrease is influenced by tree height and diameter.
    • The tentacles around the mouth are disposed in concentric circles, usually forming a series of radial lines rather than being alternately arranged.
    • The breast is examined in a segment arranged in an imaginary radial pattern centred on the nipple.
    • They are large bivalves with thick shells, which bear numerous and finely spaced concentric lines but no radial ones.
    • The direction of the wall's line is tightened to a radial geometry which extends from the centre of view in the existing house.
    • Arranged in a radial pattern, the stone arches are crowned by a shallow domed roof clad in panels of green pre-patinated copper.
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    (fracture) del radio
    (fracture) radial
    • During the surgery, care must be taken to protect the branches of the superficial and radial nerves that dorsally overlie the first dorsal compartment.
    • The profunda may be reduced in size and terminate in muscle without giving rise to the radial and medial collateral arteries.
    • Another injection site is at the volar side of the forearm, 4 cm proximal to the wrist crease between the tendons of the radial flexor muscle and the palmaris longus muscle.
    • Each radial canal ends in a terminal tube foot, which has a sensory function.
    • The nerve supply to the muscles of the forearm and hand is provided by the radial, median, and ulnar nerves.


also radial tire

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    neumático radial masculine