Translation of radiance in Spanish:


resplandor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪdɪəns//ˈreɪdiəns/


  • 1

    (of sun, light)
    resplandor masculine
    • Mother-of-pearl glows and its radiance diffuses a luminous light.
    • He knows the dead radiance of fluorescent light in an empty store at 3 a.m.
    • As the light shone, its radiance blazed from one end of the universe to the other.
    • Her hair was a sleek silver, having the sheen and radiance of the light of the moon.
    • At first light, when alpenglow fires the high summits with radiance like the burn of a gigantic campfire, the dusty surface of the old snowpack glows with eerie luster.
    • The brilliant pallid moon remaining in its equitable position, cascading above the rural community and shining down its radiance like a stage light, pinpointing the main theme of a play.
    • The brilliant golden rays spill out around the gully like syrup poured over pancakes, with and deep magenta following close behind, that filled the sky with a warm glowing radiance.
    • At 0300 hours the mist had lifted and the yellow light from the gas lamps cast a ghostly radiance that was reflected from the wet road cobbles.
    • Its massive domes reflected the light with painful radiance, blinding any unsuspecting viewers.
    • It was not the warm, gentle radiance of a flame, but an eerie, greenish glow whose essence was cold and lifeless.
    • A radiance as bright as the sun shone from the stone and travelled part way down her arm.
    • A beam of white light appeared and engulfed them in its radiance.
    • The sun rose just about the hills near the lake, which made the quiet lake reflect its light, adding more radiance.
    • The bright white lights reactivated showering the hold with its radiance.
    • The emphasis shifts from bright surfaces and brilliant sparkle to the soft radiance of inner light, exploring the complexities, activities and possibilities of a thousand points of light.
    • They both place great emphasis on the fluency and ‘pithiness’ of strokes and on the brightness and radiance of paintings.
    • The shore, the ocean, the beach, the rich sunset radiance falling upon all with dark shadows here and there all made up a perfect picture.
    • Their glossy, half-silver surfaces reflected the radiance from above brilliantly, almost pulsing with life when one's eyes viewed them at different angles.
    • The room was lit by the eerie radiance of the television.
    • Eric glared at his former captor, the closest thing to a nemesis he could imagine, and suddenly, as the radiance from the torch touched his skin, inner fire consumed him.
  • 2

    (of person, smile)
    lo radiante
    • He could feel the radiance of her smile, the gentle expression of her eyes when she looked at him.
    • Even Mike's eyes were jubilant; his newfound radiance made me think of the fear that I had just previously seen in him.
    • I looked back at him smiling with such radiance I could feel myself blush, and a single joyful tear expressed how hard it was for me to leave him behind.
    • She was radiant, but it was a very natural radiance Kasi possessed.
    • His face was stern, yet awakened confidence, and his eyes beamed with youthful radiance.
    • Their attention to detail, their sense of humour, their radiance, their sense of fun and broad-minded personality is second to none (in my humble opinion).
    • This radiance that never fades, this mysterious and magical joy, is the greatest treasure of all - one known only by those who love.
    • He paused, and looked at the page filled with scrawled words with a glow of satisfaction on his face; nay, a positive radiance of barely suppressed excitement and glee.
    • We can bask freely in the natural radiance of our mind.
    • That night, I saw her as the most beautiful lady in the room, her heart of gold shining and giving her a glowing radiance.
    • They held so much emotion in them that Darren sometimes wanted to take a picture of his lovely friend, as if to somehow capture the radiance of her expression.
    • Her violet eyes cast a look around, her radiance seeming to brighten the gloom around her…
    • She no longer had the radiance of euphoria she always did.
    • They have an exuberant, vital, natural radiance around them that is infectious to others.
    • The third was a very handsome, pleasantly featured man flush with radiance.
    • In these moments, the world seemed such a perfect place, all pain and hatred melted away from her radiance.
    • I fell in love with his radiance, his charm, his personality but most of all the way he was one of the only guys I had ever met who cared about others as much as he cared about himself.
    • The radiance of Blanchett and the beatific look of love on the face of Ribisi are unforgettable.
    • Looking at her now, he felt that he was walking on air, completely captivated by her radiance.
    • He looked into my eyes and smiled his big brown eyes just glowing with this new radiance.
  • 3

    radiancia feminine
    • The downward radiance measured by the infrared interferometer is a combination of thermal emission by atmospheric water vapor and by the cloud ice mass.
    • However at night, counterilluminators are found closer to the surface, where the spectrum of the downward radiance changes rapidly with depth.
    • This irradiance and the radiance in the opposite direction were then inserted into equation to calculate the ideal reflectance.
    • The effect is most prominent at shallow depths, where the light field is usually asymmetric, due to highly directional and intense solar radiance.
    • The direct-to-diffuse ratios for UVR are somewhat different from those for broadband, as is the pattern of diffuse sky radiance.