Translation of radio in Spanish:


radio, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈreɪdɪəʊ//ˈreɪdioʊ/


  • 1

    radio feminine Latin America Southern Cone
    radio feminine Southern Cone Spain
    portable radio transistor masculine Spain
    • I heard it on the radio lo oí / me enteré por la radio
  • 2

    (broadcasting, medium)
    radio feminine
    radiofonía feminine formal
    (show/announcer) (before noun) de radio
    (announcer/show) (before noun) radiofónico
    (signal/receiver) de radio
    (program/documentary) de radio
    (interview) de radio
    (interview) por radio
    (contact/broadcast/link) por radio
    (link/broadcast/contact) radiofónico
    to work in radio trabajar en la radio
    • Radio Luxembourg Radio Luxemburgo
    • radio astronomer radioastrónomo
    • radio beacon radiofaro
    • radio beam onda radioeléctrica
    • radio compass radiocompás
    • radio mast torre de radio

transitive verb

  • 1

    (base/person) llamar por radio
    (message) transmitir por radio
    they radioed that … comunicaron por radio que …

intransitive verb

  • 1

    llamar por radio
    to radio for help pedir ayuda por radio
    • At the next stop light he deftly popped open the housing of the radio and switched something inside.
    • She turned the radio on and switched it around until she found a good country station.
    • I heard a programme on the radio yesterday, an interview with a stand up comedian, Steve Day, who happens to be deaf.
    • Then each group's radios can be programmed to receive only specific talk groups.
    • We are tuned into a good programme on the radio, a kipper the size of a ship's lifebelt is gently grilling and I have a pot of tea mashing at my elbow.
    • He was the sort of person who would angrily thump the table and shout at the radio during political discussion programmes.
    • Around half the radios switched on locally on a Saturday afternoon are tuned to the station's commentary.
    • The TV has been switched off and the radio has been silenced.
    • Jude reached, turning on the radio and switching it to CD.
    • With a touch of a button located above the radio, Kantor can switch from diesel fuel to vegetable oil in seconds.
    • After the weather bulletin, Chris switched the radio off after the first few notes of the next song.
    • When she heard a programme on the radio about the service she volunteered straightaway.
    • She switched off the radio and slowed the car in the silence.
    • I was shocked to see the number of listeners who had switched off their radios in just 12 months.
    • Talia turned up the volume on the radio and the following message could be heard coming out of it.
    • I started my car as I bit on my sandwich and almost mechanically switched on the radio.
    • On the train, I switched the radio on to a phone-in programme where listeners expressed their worries about the escalating situation.
    • Ralph switched on the AM radio and spun the dial, looking for a news program.
    • The only count on which he was found not guilty was of stealing a mobile phone and car radio from Mr Ducey.
    • She reached towards the radio to switch off the song before the next verse, but she was too far away and her vision was blurred from tears.
    • I enjoy the orchestra's programmes, both by way of live performance and by listening to them on the Concert Programme on the radio.
    • My wife told me she was amazed that I'd managed to find a sector of the broadcast industry that paid less than public radio.
    • In other words, an efficiently coded radio message coming from outer space would look no different from a normal star in the sky.
    • Two decades ago I achieved momentary fame for taping a promotion broadcast on our local public radio station.
    • In this business to broadcast 4,000 programmes on the same radio station is a remarkable achievement.
    • He operated radio links or sent messages using secret codes.
    • It is highly improbable that both a telephonic transmission and radio transmission from the bank's alarm to the control room was blocked.
    • I firmly believe that they would love to increase the audience of people of color for public radio programming.
    • Through high frequency radio communication, the information is passed from the main terminal to the one at the PRS centre.
    • You should always ensure car doors are locked and windows closed, and if possible maintain radio or telephone communications to report your movements.
    • On both floors are the desks of the staff working on the news programme, website and radio station.
    • I can also, of course, receive many of the digital radio programmes now being broadcast as channels on digital terrestrial and satellite platforms.
    • The information that they gather is then relayed back via radio or telephone communication equipment.
    • Though you might not be aware of it, only about a quarter of what you are likely to hear on any local public radio station is produced by NPR.
    • An atom will have many frequencies, some at radio wavelength, some in the visible spectrum, and some in between the two.
    • Now there are cell phones and radio so whatever happens everybody knows.
    • The only use I know of for very high power broadband radio transmissions is to transmit over extreme distances.
    • Britain's commercial radio broadcasting industry is soon likely to begin its long-expected consolidation.
    • But a public warning over radio wasn't broadcast for nearly ninety minutes.
    • We had access to new information paths - the telegraph, telephone, radio, and television.
    • He's also the host of the public radio program Studio 360.
    • At about the same time, we were seeing an increase in radio transceivers and other radio sources.
    • Ken Crites, a Minot Daily News reporter who used to work in radio, also complained about the situation.
    • Gartner takes his pattern of repetition to a comic level in an editorial urging donations to the local public radio station.
    • Scientists rely only on satellite telephone and radio connections.
    • It involves sending anonymous text messages to other phones via Bluetooth short-range radio.
    • It's so successful that public radio stations are hard-pressed to survive without it.
    • The BBC initially broadcast one radio service, the National Programme, and some regional services.
    • Similar programmes would be generated for broadcast by radio.
    • He liked to play with electricity when he was a youngster, and that grew into an interest in electronics and radio.
    • Despite the billing, it sounds to me like any of the local public radio news and talk shows.
    • It was the first convention to reach the general public live by radio broadcast.
    • My wife came home with a new Motorola cell phone with Bluetooth, which uses radio links to transfer data.
    • Waves generated here penetrate the ocean to depths unreachable by radio and other communication waves.
    • Echelon's network can intercept any international telephone call, email, fax or radio transmission.
    • He was part of a team that made one last futile attempt to force radio to embrace public interest programming.
    • The Hitch-Hiker radio show was broadcast in 12 episodes by BBC Radio 4.
    • The first instance pertains to the cancellation of the live horseracing broadcasts on public radio stations.
    • The result is that there is only room for a few players to offer a broadband internet service via radio.
    • The government responds by sending in the Delta Force, but loses contact as an eerie signal interrupts radio communications.
    • The transmitter mixes the signal with some strong radio signals called carrier waves.