Translation of radius in Spanish:


radio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪdɪəs//ˈreɪdiəs/

nounPlural radii, Plural radiuses

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    • 1.1Mathematics

      radio masculine
      • He calculates the side of a regular pentagon in terms of the radius of the circumscribed circle.
      • Users can measure the distance of vertices/edges/faces, the angle of edges/faces, and the radii and diameters of circles.
      • Given an angle CAB draw a circle with centre A so that AC and AB are radii of the circle.
      • The radii of the given circles and n must stand in a certain relationship for the chain to close on itself.
      • The point P is on the circumference of the circle of radius b.
      • The particular tablet which interests us here investigates how to calculate the radius of a circle through the vertices of an isosceles triangle.
      • Thus, the area of a circle is equal to half of the product of the radius and the circumference.
      • So the radius of the sphere will be 1 and its surface area will be 4 Pi.
      • David Gregory used p/r for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its radius.
      • The hexagon is a function between the radius and circumference of the circle, and is a naturally occurring form in nature.
      • It states that the centre of gravity of a semicircle divides the radius in the ratio 3: 7.
      • A circle of radius 6 is circumscribed by a square of side-length 12.
      • Recall that given a circle of radius r, the circumference is 2pr.
      • A circle and square have an equal area only if the ratio between a side of the square and a radius of the circle equals the square root of pi.
      • And, if anything, I'm quite nearly positive that Lancome is the guy who discovered the constant ratio of a circle's radius to its circumference.
      • Note that this curvature is the inverse of the radius of a circle tangent to the neutral line at this point.
      • In the introduction he pointed out that a plane was a special case of a spherical surface, that is a sphere with infinite radius.
      • Because the slices are thin, the height of the rectangle is approximately the radius, r, of the circle.
      • The inverse of the radius of the circle equals the curvature in radians/m.
      • Company officials like to say that Rhino can go beyond high-school geometry, beyond straight lines and radiuses.

    • 1.2(area)

      radio masculine
      within a mile radius en un radio de una milla
      • Day said location is key when making an investment and believes investors should focus on the coastal strip within a 10-mile radius of the city.
      • The explosions could reach a radius of 25 meters.
      • The Ride Safe program provides rides for students, staff and faculty members from the Student Life Centre to their homes within a certain radius around campus.
      • Those deemed more at risk of exposure are those who lived within a one-kilometer radius of the factory for more than 20 years between 1962 and 1987.
      • B & Bs within a three-mile radius of the town were full.
      • At half-mile intervals, they stop and count the birds they see or hear within a radius of a quarter mile.
      • The department has acquired legal powers to close all footpaths within a two-mile radius of any free-range poultry farms.
      • I spent half a century here, most of it within the confines of a small radius.
      • Police are investigating links between the arson attack on December 27 and another three within a half-mile radius over the last few days.
      • A check of directories shows 37 hotels and motels within a three-mile radius of Florence and LaSalle.
      • It seems sensible to find somewhere with no population centres within a two-mile radius - like offshore.
      • We do not allow students who live within a five-mile radius to use their cars to come to college.
      • To calculate a radius for each hospital's market area, we limited radii to a range between 10 and 35 miles.
      • Once Keaton laughed so hard he scared all the birds within a ten-foot radius out of their perches.
      • Teams divided into four groups, combing through a two-mile radius searching for any clue of what might have happened.
      • The IT professionals usually look out for areas surrounding a radius of 9 km from City Railway Station.
      • He concluded: ‘This year, I will enter half a dozen local races, all within a radius of 50 miles, and hope to do pretty well.’
      • Tests results Tuesday showed that all 20 farms within a two mile radius of the original infected farm were negative for avian influenza.
      • But one recommendation to come out of it was that masts should not be located within a radius of 500 metres of schools and homes.
      • It should be known in this connection that according to the relevant law, no structure of any kind can be built within a radius of 100 metres of any registered national monument.

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    radio masculine
    • Abduction is movement of the hand away from the body as the proximal carpal bones move medially on the radius.
    • Common osteoporotic fracture sites include the vertebrae, the hip, the distal radius of the forearm, and the proximal humerus.
    • Scaphoid fractures are rare children and the elderly because of the relative weakness of the distal radius compared with the scaphoid in these age groups.
    • Bone mineral density was measured at the lumbar spine, radius, hip and femoral neck.
    • He also had tenderness bilaterally over the distal radius and ulna, and anterior tibia.