Translation of rage in Spanish:


furia, n.

Pronunciation: /reɪdʒ//reɪdʒ/


  • 1

    • Archaeologists were more interested in the perfect preservation of many textiles which gave a unique insight into items of fashion all the rage in 14th century Hull.
    • Teeth-whitening is all the rage - increasing threefold over the past few years - for those who want a winning smile.
    • This rigid, yet elegant geometry asserts a rage for order.
    • I once went to a fashionable function when alfalfa sprouts were all the rage, and I don't have to tell you the evening lacked a certain pizzazz.
    • In the late 1770s a rage for stripes is found among the Americanophiles in France and in other countries hostile to England.
    • As noted in these articles, at the moment when interest in classics is at its nadir in the schools, it is all the rage in popular entertainment.
    • Considered a fad diet by many, high-protein diets are currently all the rage.
    • There is, in Kant's philosophy, a rage for order that leads him to attempt to solve as many philosophical questions as possible through each distinct part of his system.
    • Compact guns are the rage right now, and generally that means both barrel and grip are shortened.
    • Although all the rage in Europe, the medication is not widely available in Canada, and treatment programs have to apply for special access from Ottawa.
    • A rage for opera had been growing in the country.
    • Vintage styles are all the rage this season, so if you're patient enough you can actually find lots of goodies at select thrift shops in your area.
    • Overnight, cruises became all the rage - a fashionable and affordable escape for the middle class.
    • Contrasting colors are all the rage in the Spanish style, so using one bright color for the wall and another bright color for the border is certainly in order.
    • At the height of the dotcom boom, cash shells were all the rage as fledgling companies with little more than an idea rushed to the stock market.
    • Japanese cuisine has become all the rage in Shanghai, so much so that almost all of the top hotels in the city are featuring Japanese restaurants.
    • In addition to actual jean jackets, denim sports jackets are also all the rage in fashionable circles.
    • The principles underlying political speech apply in the Internet context just as easily as they did when parchment was all the rage.
    • By the 1920s when this was filmed, this belief was widespread and all the rage.
    • Black wooden screens blend with transparent and translucent glass in a clean, minimalist style, which is all the rage now in Japan.
    • Chinese mysticism was all the rage in those days when Spiritualism was everywhere and seances were popular.
    • Style and fashion was all the rage this week as the Oscars took place last Sunday night.
    • Never in the history of the world has there been such a rage for exhibitionism.
    • But as always, this coexists with a rage for order, a need to analyse, to simplify, to compress.
    • According to the science of phrenology, which was currently all the rage, such a brow hinted at intelligence and broadness of mind.
    • There's a new show coming from England that's all the rage.
    • 1.1(violent anger)

      furia feminine
      cólera feminine
      a fit of rage un ataque de furia
      • he went purple with rage se puso rojo de furia
      • The bear roared in pain and rage, a horrible sound that shook the air and ground.
      • Ramirez was speechless, the rage building in him.
      • It was borne of anger and rage and that's what happened.
      • It was the day before Christmas eve that police were called to a house in Manchester after an ex-soldier returned home in a drunken rage.
      • I know what my face looks like: it's black with rage, twisted with anger, naked and raw.
      • I could see the rage rise in his face as the guard kept whispering.
      • Diana's sadness slowly faded as she turned her attention towards Lethe, and an uncontrollable eruption of rage built up inside of her.
      • By the end of the manuscript, the copyeditor's monologue has gone on so long, the anger has turned into rage.
      • There is a persistent pattern of the person pushing others away with rage or anger.
      • They're calm and rational at times, but they may explode into inappropriate anger or rage at some perceived rejection or criticism.
      • After a moment, Simon sank onto the edge of his desk, the rage dying.
      • No matter how neutral his face was, Chris' eyes burned with an almost uncontrollable rage.
      • I was shaking now, with rage, and anger, both at myself and at the accuser.
      • We must lay aside the quick, potent energy of blind rage and revenge, which can only power us to hasty judgements.
      • I am still burning with anger and rage and all that temper stuff of emotions!
      • Many artists never get past their anger and inner rage, many have arguably have died trying.
      • Anger and outright rage at the computer, when it doesn't behave the way YOU want it to, may be a symptom of this kind of transference.
      • Alex is extremely intelligent with a propensity for fits of anger and uncontrollable rage.
      • The spirit that drives me is not only fueled by my passion for justice but also by my anger and rage at the injustice I see and experience on a daily basis.
      • He remembered watching her passionate kiss with Nicholas and felt a jealous rage well up inside.

    • 1.2(fit of fury)

      to be in a rage estar furioso
      • to fly into a rage ponerse hecho una furia

  • 2informal

    furor masculine
    moda feminine
    to be (all) the rage hacer furor

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (storm/sea) rugir
    (storm/sea) bramar
    (fire) arder furiosamente
    cholera raged among the population el cólera hizo estragos entre la población
    • controversy rages about / over the new law sigue la encarnizada controversia en torno a la nueva ley
    • the battle/fire raged for three days la encarnizada batalla/el furioso incendio se prolongó durante tres días
  • 2

    (person) expresar su furia
    (person) rabiar
    to rage against sth protestar furiosamente contra algo
  • 3

    (storm) rugiente
    (sea) embravecido
    (headache) enloquecedor
    (argument) enconado
    (argument) airado
    (argument) virulento
    he was in a raging temper estaba furioso
    • he has a raging fever tiene una fiebre que vuela