Translation of ragged in Spanish:


harapiento, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈræɡəd//ˈraɡɪd/


  • 1

    (clothes) harapiento
    (clothes) andrajoso
    (letter/papers) hecho jirones
    • An iceberg smashes its way to the surface, all sharp angles and ragged edges, rearing over the barely visible remains of a crushed and sinking ship.
    • See your doctor when the border or the edge of the mole is not smooth but irregular or ragged.
    • I carried her with me and placed her on the ladder and she scrambled up, her little, ragged dress catching momentarily on the nails of the rafters.
    • The shouts of an old woman dressed in ragged clothes surprised us.
    • He was a big man and unlike the villagers his clothes weren't ragged.
    • Along with illuminating the critters, they make it easer to see the edge of ragged Colorado roads, and can be handy for setting up camp.
    • An women in ragged cloths with one dirty infant in her arms approaches my car which stopped at a red light in Shahbag.
    • The children he was handing the pesos to were dressed in ragged clothing and dirt covered their hands and faces.
    • However, because of the ragged surface, the meshwork structure can be observed only on the inner shell surface.
    • His eye was swollen, his lip bleeding, his hands dirty, his clothes ragged.
    • Paint the wall a bright green, then rip masking tape to create an uneven, ragged edge.
    • He was clad in a black ragged cloak that hung around his body like a veil of darkness.
    • They also removed his clothes changing it with a ragged shirt and leaving his cycling shorts all alone.
    • Although the old man and his clothes were spotlessly clean, he wore jeans, a denim shirt and boots that were very worn and ragged.
    • In addition, the cuticle of the fingernails often gets very ragged, overgrown, and irregular.
    • The buildings are made from a sandy beige stone, doorways are partially blocked with sandbags, windows are ragged blackened holes.
    • The coastline of Galicia has a ragged quality to it that takes the form of many bays and inlets which are known locally as rias.
    • The war had begun six months earlier, and by now the fighting had narrowed down to the ragged eastern edge of the country.
    • The detonations collapsed the three-storey house in on itself, leaving a ragged hole in the street's facade, as though a tooth had been torn from a smile.
    • He was wearing a long, ragged shirt with a cut in the sleeve and a frayed edge.
    • He wore ragged trousers and a grubby torn shirt that was far too big for him and looked as though it was a type of tent.
    • His pants were also torn and ragged at the bottom and there were various holes and rips in them.
    • Anyone wanting an overview of the area should take the road that winds up to the top of Monte Mora, highest of the granite peaks that dominate the rugged, ragged coast.
    • There are plenty of shocks and jolts in this journey through ragged plains, rugged mountains, murky organisations and lethal hit men.
    • The result is a division of the initial planar shape into several pieces with ragged fractal edges.
    • The edges will look a little ragged, so trim them if you prefer a neat edge.
    • He wore a torn shirt, and ragged trousers, which were an olive-green.
    • This gorgeous coastline of ragged bluffs, sea stacks, and mountains could become home.
    • Such mills have large diameter rolls with surfaces that are roughened or ragged to increase the coefficient of friction.
    • Its walls were stained, its carpets ragged, but to us it was heaven.
    • They were little boys and little girls that were covered in dirt and mud while their clothes were ragged in that smelly dump.
    • A street artist, dressed in a ragged canvas jacket and a simple blue felt hat is drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.
    • There'd been an old drifter who'd stopped by for lodgings with his ragged hat and scarf, everything he owned in a beat-up pack.
    • His pants were ragged as well, although his clothes were not too big for him.
    • It is wreathed in ragged cloud and rivers pour off its edges to fray 350 metres down towards the desert floor.
    • I always hated biting my nails because it caused them to become all ragged.
    • A single very small spherical shell is characterized by a lumpy to ragged surface and numerous short spines.
    • He came back hours later clothes ragged, an excited look on his face.
    • All she wore was a ragged shirt that was torn at the sleeves and the abdomen, exposing a strip of pale skin around her slender waist.
    • The brute wore a white, sleeveless shirt tight against his large muscles and a ragged vest over it.
  • 2

    (dressed in rags)
    • Cows wander the streets, ragged children pester dogs with sticks, tailors teeter past on bicycles balancing bolts of fabric.
    • They were a ragged bunch, wearing clothes that looked as if they hadn't seen a good wash in weeks at best.
    • A group of fierce, ragged men stood at the edge of the field, staring but not moving.
    • He was a ragged decrepit old man blinking in amazement as a silver ship descends into the valley, landing gently beside the lake.
    • The ragged boy squeaked and quickly dipped his free hand into his shirt and offered up Tyran's chip pouch.
    • Beside me in the line were ragged mothers with their children in their arms, and at their feet, old infirm men, and young men who are in destitute circumstances.
  • 3

    (hair/beard) desgreñado
    (playing/singing) desigual
    (singing/playing) irregular
    I feel a bit ragged (around the edges) today hoy me siento un poco bajo de forma informal
    • Ness sounds as hushed, gravelly, and desperate as always, singing over that ragged guitar twang.
    • Of course, this isn't a new story - the leading edge of CSS support has always been pretty ragged.
    • Regrettably, uneven casting and some ragged ensemble from both singers and orchestra left the impression that they had bitten off more than they could chew.
    • The snap of close on two hundred crossbows firing in a ragged volley was a sound like sharp applause.
    • Lyon are in control in these early moments, United looking slightly ragged in their pursuit of the ball already.
    • Arsenal, who are looking increasingly ragged, win a free-kick just outside the box.
    • He started to run again: not a smooth sprint but a ragged lope that screamed exhaustion.
    • If you watch warm-ups at the typical age group meet, you'll see much more ragged than smooth movement.
    • When the team embarked on a trek through Texas, parts of its game were rough and ragged.
    • Lines were ragged, several dancers shuffled into place and many seemed unsure of cues.
    • From a production standpoint, the album is crisp enough to sustain the songs, yet lacking just enough fidelity to complement his ragged delivery.
    • Weather conditions played havoc, producing for the most part rather ragged football.
    • Subsequent campaigns were ragged and ineffective.
    • From the wonky lines and ragged colouring, the artists involved can't be much older than 10.
    • His command of six strings incorporates a hair-raising degree of proficiency and versatility from tingling jangles to hypnotic jigs and ragged fragments of blues.
    • Orion kept the pressure on their opponents, whose play was ragged and lacked co-ordination.
    • The Cure Hill side relentlessly plundered the runs, aided by some very ragged fielding.
    • Plantations without adequate weed control may look ragged and ill kept.
    • Hawick were also made to pay for some ragged discipline on 20 minutes when their captain Roddy Deans was sin-binned for a late tackle.
    • Robredo's game is getting increasingly ragged and he still appears to be upset by his altercation with the umpire.
  • 4

    (coastline) recortado
    (edge) irregular
    ragged clouds jirones de nubes masculine literary