Translation of ragtime in Spanish:


ragtime, n.

Pronunciation /ˈræɡˌtaɪm//ˈraɡtʌɪm/


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    ragtime masculine
    • The festival features dozens of performers and music from traditional and contemporary folk to music hall, ragtime, sea shanties, country and more besides.
    • The bars and brothels provided steady work for the piano players who had developed ragtime.
    • It's set in a honky-tonk hall and it's just a very colourful piece that's a great way to finish the show with a ragtime band on stage.
    • The next number, ‘Coffee's Cold,’ relies on a bouncy ragtime groove with just a bit of swing.
    • His drum solos brought on much applause from an audience obviously starved for the New Orleans ragtime style music.
    • Although she died relatively young, Mills was an inventive influence in the worlds of both jazz and ragtime in the 1920s.
    • The band members describe their musical style as ‘foot-stomping acoustic ragtime blues’, and the description is pretty spot on.
    • The superimposed ragtime piano music, played by David Shephard, gives the film cohesiveness.
    • This time round, Doc and the All Stars entertained the audience with a full quartet of drums, clarinet, keyboards and trumpet with some classic ragtime sounds and upbeat Dixieland.
    • Live music from blues to ragtime will accompany the drinking and entrance is free to all sessions.
    • Her solos are reminiscent of Wally Rose's lilting ragtime sides on the first Watters Jazzman records in 1941.
    • About the street one now more often hears ragtime hummed than an old tribal song,’ she continued.
    • In their dancing, in their minstrelsy and then in ragtime, black Americans were insisting on setting European-style music free by refusing to be restricted to a ground beat.
    • The story of their rise to popularity as jazz music evolved from ragtime to bebop is firmly traced in Brotherhood in Rhythm.
    • The instrumentals are clean and crisp, nicely showcasing Parker's mixture of chamber music and ragtime.
    • Not only is Keith a great pianist, he is considered one of the world's leading experts on classical jazz and ragtime music.
    • Much of the wonderful music is ragtime, which took America by storm in the early years of the twentieth Century.
    • Scott Joplin is regarded as the pre-eminent composer of ragtime compositions.
    • A tinny piano plays a bouncy ragtime tune over faded sepia photos, unwittingly romanticizing an era now long past.
    • We peered inside the window, and to my surprise, I saw my mother and father dancing to old ragtime music.