Translation of ragtop in Spanish:


descapotable, n.

Pronunciation /ˈraɡtɒp//ˈræɡtɑp/



  • 1

    descapotable masculine
    convertible masculine Latin America
    • A ragtop is fine for just me, but I want steel covering my family, all the way around.
    • I survey the small warehouse-like plant in Ontario, where the company is turning Toyota Camry Solara coupes into ragtops.
    • And most importantly of all, these two-seater ragtops are a real blast to drive.
    • But if you really must have a ragtop, and your ragtop really must be a prestige badge, then a second-hand Z3 deserves serious examination.
    • I bought my first sports car in 1963, and have almost always had a ragtop in the stable since then.
    • It also says you're comfortable in your middle-aged existence to drive a ragtop that looks like something out of a detective story.
    • As good as the TF's standard ragtop is, there are times when you feel a little under-dressed for the worst excesses of the British climate.
    • My prediction - this movie will go nowhere, despite the brilliant ad campaign, showing our hero stabbing electronic snakes at Disneyland, jumping onto ragtops, and generally being a pain.
    • I'd be inclined to avoid ragtops on general principle, and I also think that the floppy roof spoils the TT's outline.
    • He exited to find that the skies had opened and that, the ragtop's top being down, the vehicle's floorboards were filled to the seat covers.
    • Few of us can envisage living full time with a ragtop, really.
    • The pretty little two-seater ragtop, first introduced in 1962 and produced over a 15-year period, is unmistakeably a Lotus.
    • Racers who haul down the 1,320 in a ragtop have a bit more to worry about than their hardtop-driving counterparts.
    • During the recent week that I drove the 6-Series ragtop around Los Angeles, car-savvy Angelenos loved it.
    • Security has to be the optimum for a ragtop and here a microwave intrusion detection system is fitted along with a handle lock rod protector.