Translation of ragweed in Spanish:


ambrosía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈræɡˌwid//ˈraɡwiːd/


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    ambrosía feminine
    • It is wind-born pollen from plants that have inconspicuous flowers like wild grasses or ragweed that are the major causes of respiratory allergy.
    • Occasionally, broadleaf weeds, such as Canada thistle or ragweed, become established in winter wheat fields and interfere with grain harvest or with the following soybean crop.
    • It's used to get rid of dandelions, thistles and ragweed and it kills by causing abnormal cell growth that interrupts the movement of liquids and nutrients in the plant.
    • People who have known sensitivities to ragweed may experience reactions to chamomile and should use caution.
    • Many early emerging summer annuals, including giant ragweed, kochia, crabgrass, lambsquarters, and Russian thistle, are removed during tillage, allowing the crop and any new weeds to emerge together.