Translation of raider in Spanish:


asaltante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪdə//ˈreɪdər/


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    asaltante masculine
    • Their country's withdrawal of troops from the rebel republic of Chechnya is the key demand of the raiders.
    • In 867 York was seized by Danish raiders from the Viking kingdom of Dublin, led by Ivarr and his brother Halfdan.
    • In a passage on the war years, he includes the story about the single German air raider firing on the fish shop.
    • The race has been won by Irish-trained raiders on no less than 35 occasions, and by the French once.
    • What happened when Viking raiders turned into Viking settlers and took land to farm?
    • March Colonel James Doolittle and his raiders train at Eglin AAF in Florida for their B-25 bombing raid on Tokyo, which they conduct on April 18.
    • It is believed the sailor died when HMAS Sydney was sunk by the German raider, Kormoran off the WA coast on November 19, 1941.
    • But they were not invaders who came to stay or to conquer, they were raiders in search of booty and ransom.
    • None of the civilian models have been manufactured in any armed variant, but the modifications are simple enough and many raiders and bandits have fitted their Peregrines with weapons.
    • Ten merchant ships were used as armed merchant raiders, or auxiliary cruisers, and a few were employed as blockade runners between Japan and Germany.
    • Sometimes the raiders would be harried on to higher ground, sometimes they would flee through Gleann Einich and over the Moine Mhor.
    • The new raiders were even more dangerous than their ninth-century ancestors.
    • Mende grew up in the Nuba Mountains of the Sudan, enjoying a fairytale childhood until the age of 12 when the Mujahidin - Arab raiders - invaded her village.
    • Like the Vikings, the Moros were seagoing traders, slavers and raiders.
    • The Confederate navy was spectacularly successful with its commerce raiders, which harassed and destroyed Union ships in global warfare.
    • From the 16th century on, Turkmen raiders on horseback preyed on passing caravans, pillaging and taking prisoners for the slave trade.
    • At a point eighteen miles northeast of Lethbridge, the Head Chief of this small army had a dream one night which seemed to predict ill fortune for the raiders.
    • In eastern Scotland, as in other parts of Europe devastated by Scandinavian attacks, the raiders ' immediate legacy was political and social dislocation.
    • Armed with machetes and machineguns, the raiders scythe through the rows of huts, torching their thatched roofs.
    • Consequently, I deduced that the descendants of Eze Chima were refugees fleeing from the Oba of Benin and his slave raiders.
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    asaltante feminine
    atracador masculine
    atracadora feminine
    • The net was closing last night on raiders who fired at unarmed gardai during a bank robbery in Co Limerick yesterday.
    • The raider called at The Seagull pub at Seawick Holiday Village, St Osyth, claiming to be making a delivery to the site.
    • He declined to give exact details of the circumstances surrounding the arrest of the raiders.
    • In the same year, the police sergeant was fatally stabbed by raiders outside a post office in New Addington, Surrey.
    • The raider / raiders used a steel bar to break a large double glazed window at the back of the house.
    • The raiders in the latest incident, both white, wore black balaclavas.
    • TWO raiders who struck at Burnley Woolworths three times, taking property worth more than £ 4,000, are awaiting sentence.
    • Masked raiders who beat a publican over the head with a sawn-off shotgun were today being hunted by police.
    • A second raider was believed to have been carrying a gun.
    • The raiders then escaped with about £ 300 from a safe.
    • The balaclava-clad raiders made off with 20 paintings worth £ 700,000, the jury at York Crown Court heard.
    • Unconfirmed reports said some of the raiders had escaped, possibly taking children with them.
    • Police today stepped up their hunt for a gang of young raiders who trashed a school causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.
    • On Thursday morning last Ardagh Post Office was broken into by a number of raiders who fled away in the direction of Rathkeale.
    • A masked raider armed with a 10 in bread knife forced three workers at a newsagent's shop to hand over cash.
    • The raiders broke in the front door of the building, which is unoccupied at night.
    • Detectives hunting the armed raiders who attacked a North Yorkshire businessman at his home are now focusing their inquiries on the Teesside area.
    • In Kazan, raiders have attacked a firm making orthopaedic legs.
    • In October another shopworker was subjected to a similar ordeal by a knife-wielding raider.
    • The raiders are believed to have made their getaway from the back of the nearby Kernanstown housing estate.
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    lancha de asalto feminine
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    tiburón masculine