Translation of railcard in Spanish:


tarjeta de descuento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪlkɑrd//ˈreɪlkɑːd/


  • 1

    (in UK)
    (para viajes en tren) tarjeta de descuento feminine
    • A pensioner using a railcard for a day return from Brighton to Evesham can find himself paying any of 11 different fares, from £24.30 to £92.80, depending on which trains he happens to book.
    • The tickets were kind of expensive but at least I've got my Young Persons railcard, that saves me a third on rail prices.
    • A ticket inspector stopped her and found she had purchased a ticket at a discounted rate, although she did not hold a Young Person's railcard.
    • Holders of national railcards could claim a discount on Grand Central tickets, although there would be no further cuts on the cheapest fares.
    • As I approach 26, my young person's railcard will soon be but a distant memory.
    • It struck me this week, as I watched news footage of weary London rail commuters moaning about fares going up, what quite incredible value a railcard is compared to a car.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, the guard is passing through the train, please have your tickets and railcards ready for inspection.
    • Other incentives include free railcards and book vouchers, and there's even free cash being given out by Abbey and HSBC.
    • A national railcard would be a great first step.
    • I was also attracted by the free railcard because it will save me a lot of money when I want to come home or go and visit friends.
    • When I arrived at the station platform I decided to remove all my CDs from my bag and the railcard was buried at the bottom.
    • ‘There are also various railcards, saving a third off most fares, and the county council refunds half of the £18 senior railcard cost,’ he said.
    • Finally, a new rail voucher can be exchanged at Swindon railway station for senior railcard, which gives one third off the price of most rail fares.
    • I bet she doesn't tell any female customers to change their photo on their railcards just because they've had a new hair-do.
    • The moment I realised something had to be done was when I went to buy a train ticket and the cashier asked me if I had my senior citizens' railcard.
    • For future reference, though, I have a coach card as well as a railcard.