Translation of rainbow in Spanish:


arco iris, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪnbəʊ//ˈreɪnˌboʊ/


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    arco iris masculine
    all the colors of the rainbow todos los colores del arco iris
    • You don't get rainbows without rain, after all.
    • The brightest rainbows occur when the raindrops are large, so by studying the rainbow, you can deduce whether the drops that are falling are large or small.
    • A brilliant rainbow formed a perfect arch on what was destined to be a great vista, where Lutyens' memorial arch [now called India Gate] stands.
    • Their blossoms can be either single, double, or semi-double, and come in nearly every color of the rainbow except blue and green.
    • All of a sudden, the sky cleared, became blue and a perfect rainbow arched over me with one end in the sand.
    • The receding rains also formed a rainbow spanning the sky and dipping into a village in the valley.
    • Late-blooming clematis grew up the trellis, forming a wall of flowers in a rainbow's colours, feathery seed heads and green leaves, enclosing the patio.
    • You can find these roses in every color of the rainbow, except blue.
    • It was still grey and wet from raining earlier but she could see the red and orange from a dim rainbow across the mountain.
    • Mists from the falling water made rainbows all down the cliff.
    • As we leave Pisac and roll down the side of the gorge, the sun suddenly emerges and a brilliant rainbow lights up the verdant green Sacred Valley of the Incas.
    • You'll find every shade in the rainbow except blue, including gorgeous blends of two or more colors.
    • Some trick of the angle, the light, and the nature of the liquid droplets in the atmosphere produced a rainbow that seemed to be shining entirely in the red end of the spectrum.
    • But the reward was generous - a tremulous rainbow arched over the mountains, shaggy with greenery.
    • The spray - which can be felt half a mile away - creates a rainbow, arching over the whole width and shimmering in the sunlight.
    • A mother's smile is like seeing a rainbow after it rains and the sun comes out.
    • Is there a raindrops-per-cubic-inch threshold that's necessary for a rainbow to be visible?
    • A rainbow arched over the far wing in between showers of rain and bursts of sunshine.
    • In some cases, light is reflected twice by each rain drop, forming a larger, fainter secondary rainbow outside the primary rainbow.
    • A rainbow arched its bridge of many colours across the evening sky, nature's magical wave of the wand.