Translation of rainswept in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈreɪnswɛpt//ˈreɪnswɛpt/


  • 1

    (moors/beach/hillside) barrido por el viento y la lluvia
    • These small rainswept isles off the western end of the vast Eurasian landmass have contributed far more to the well-being of the rest of humanity than any other country, bar none.
    • ‘My life is here,’ she says, gesturing at the rainswept green gardens outside her kitchen window.
    • Pocklington were without half a dozen key players due to injury and unavailability and they left a dry and sunny Pocklington to find Ilkley rainswept and waterlogged.
    • It's a long long 20 minute wait beside a rainswept parade of shops before the following bus catches up and we can continue.
    • I suppose he's doing a lot of standing around on rainswept balconies, and staring out into the middle distance, and not finishing his sentences, right?
    • These kids should be dragged around rainswept mountains and lakes rather than be allowed to spend time - and your money - in seaside arcades.
    • Where yesterday the supermarket was closed and the carpark empty and rainswept, today both of them were crowded with too many cars and far too many people.
    • From the time she was a young woman, Carr had been determined to find her own way of portraying the densely forested, mountainous west coast of Canada with its rainswept climate.
    • They spend their nights not in front of fire and telly, but walking the rainswept streets canvassing votes, or in draughty committee rooms hammering out policy.
    • Some landscapes seem designed for the NHH treatment, such as the dizzying view of Mizen Head, a rainswept Brittas Bay, and Farm on the Healy Pass.
    • From our breakfast perch on the verandah high above a rainswept gorge dotted with palms, frangipani, hibiscus and pink orchids, the rain was positively uplifting.
    • Close finishes were a feature of the second of the Kendal Winter League series of races at a wind and rainswept Firbank, near Sedbergh, on Sunday.
    • She competed in an era when Allan Wells beat the rest of the world after training on rainswept tracks in Edinburgh without money, but not motivation.
    • The gala screening took place in a rainswept Leicester Square in the presence of many celebrities.
    • Tonight I read of rugged Newfoundland coastlines and dream of fog-drenched villages and rainswept fishing boats.
    • With its drystone hedges, bedraggled cottages, enigmatic stone menhirs, and rainswept green fields, Jejudo has something of a Celtic feel.
    • Tucking in behind his rival on the rainswept circuit, he audaciously out-braked him on the inside of the final bend to steal ahead and win.
    • And it was Lynam who was in charge of the BBC's Wimbledon coverage on that terrifying, rainswept afternoon in 1996 when Cliff Richard sang to Centre Court.
    • Afternoon turned into evening, evening into a dismal, dark, rainswept night.
    • The Admiral remembers all too clearly returning from long Cold War submarine patrols, and having to queue on a rainswept jetty to use a phone.