Translation of raised in Spanish:


elevado, adj.

Pronunciation /reɪzd//reɪzd/


  • 1

    (platform) elevado
    (lettering/carving) en relieve
    a raised edge un reborde
    • A mound, or motte, was raised up to one hundred feet in height.
    • The flooring is Canadian beech and this is teamed with a raised fireplace, ceiling coving and a pale yellow colour scheme.
    • I don't grow in rows, but in raised beds.
    • We also found drainage manhole covers raised to drain off the waters.
    • The noses are riveted to a raised area, carefully indented to the front along a vertical midline.
    • This will create age structure in the heather, improve habitat for grouse and allow us to see if there are any drainage channels taking water away from the raised mire.
    • Sills at nine locks are still to be lowered and seventeen bridges and guard gates must yet be raised to the twenty-foot level.
    • To the right, the drawing room is a spacious area with a raised fireplace with brass inset and white marble hearth.
  • 2

    hecho con levadura
    leudado Latin America