Translation of ramify in Spanish:


ramificarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈramɪfʌɪ//ˈræməˌfaɪ/

intransitive verbramifies, ramifying


  • 1

    (become complicated)
  • 2

    (form branches)
    • It then ramifies, or grows in a similar manner to a root system through the host, centering on the digestive system.
    • It is hard to trace Steve's contributions in a linear fashion, because his work has ramified in so many directions.
    • This is because the organization of the economy has a series of effects which ramify through the society.
    • The weblike character of the text means that each datum will ramify in implications throughout.
    • It ramifies almost from the base, can grow 1-3 m high and may reach 3 m in diameter.