Translation of ramp in Spanish:


rampa, n.

Pronunciation: /ramp//ræmp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(slope)

      rampa feminine
      entrance / on ramp vía de acceso feminine a una autopista
      • exit / off ramp vía de salida de una autopista
      • Some of the original buildings were connected inside, with ramps to accommodate the varying floor levels.
      • Michelle rolled my wheelchair up the ramp on the stage, and I got to the microphone.
      • I threw the gun away and ran up the ramp to the second floor.
      • Remember that ramps require a building permit, and the construction specifications can vary widely between jurisdictions.
      • The funds will be used to develop the area at the back of the community hall into a recreational area incorporating ramps for wheelchair users.
      • Some were housed in normal laboratory cages, while others stayed in more interesting pens, with multiple levels, ramps, bridges, tunnels and even a climbing chain.
      • All the amenities are there, and Church House only needs a short wheelchair ramp to the entrance door and is more useful than any of the proposed annexes which would be built on to the church.
      • The temple rises from the valley floor in three colonnaded terraces connected by ramps.
      • Mrs Agnes Simms, of Holme Mill Lane, had been trying to get a wheelchair ramp fitted in her garden for the past three years.
      • A gently sloping pathway to a lower garden area works as a wheelchair ramp, but it also makes a great road for Amrita's tricycle.
      • We raised the level of the veranda to the first floor level and incorporated ramps into the new veranda's design.
      • The Romans were fond of building enormous ramps to allow them to walk over the walls of an enemy's strong point.
      • Yes, I built a handicap ramp to access my building, for my dog.
      • Any money raised on Saturday at the Scout Hall in Kingsdown Park, Stratton, will be put towards a disabled toilet and wheelchair ramps at the venue.
      • The tree provides structural support for the ramp and platform through the use of a cable, arch, and railing suspension system.
      • They also arrange for home remodeling, such as building ramps for wheelchairs, and, in some areas, curb-to-curb transportation.
      • Picnic tables are built with supports and ramps to the entrance and guide rails are provided all round.
      • To achieve this, he used a variable balance of forms, with columns, terraces, ramps and screens in a range of colours.
      • They would also like to see the playground levelled and a ramp installed.
      • A total of ten ramps connect the three levels, creating spatial continuity and flow.

    • 1.2(on ship, aircraft)

      (for passengers) escalerilla feminine
      (for vehicles) rampa feminine
      • Jaini took a step down the ramp when it fully extended itself.
      • Gregory and I stepped off the ramp as I greeted my guests.
      • He jumped down the ramp two steps at a time, and took a few quick steps toward the airport before checking himself and turning around.
      • Firefighters used fire hoses to clean the aircraft and the ramp.
      • As we approached the ramp, the aircraft started to pull to the left.
      • I stumbled up the boarding ramp and entered the code sequence that would open the main hatch for me.
      • The technique is not recommended for delicate equipment and the trick is to complete the offload without tipping the aircraft on its tail and damaging the ramp.
      • The aircraft finished final checks, taxied from the ramp toward the taxiway and proceeded to ruin my day.
      • ‘Lu, keep in touch,’ Andy said over the crowd as he made his way down the ramp.
      • They proposed an immediate increase in the numbers of federal air marshals on flights and in airports, extra screening of passengers and baggage and more restrictive access to ramps leading to the aircraft.
      • They hoist their bags on to the ramp, step up into the back of the aircraft and pass their bags forward to the cargo hold.
      • There was no flying, of course, as the ramps, runways and aircraft were also ice covered.

    • 1.3(platform)

      elevador masculine

    • 1.4British (hump)

      desnivel masculine
      speed ramp
      • Paddy O'Callaghan said that adults and children were crossing the road on a speed ramp.
      • He has also said that speed ramps must be introduced to the street to calm the traffic that passes through.
      • Perhaps if the council used the funding it has wasted on installing speed ramps all around the estate, its maths might have added up to a better figure.
      • The volume and speed of traffic through the North Sligo town has led to increased calls for pedestrian crossings and speed ramps from local people.
      • The letter noted that if ramps and speed limits signs within a housing development were deemed necessary the planning service would impose such a condition on the planning approval.
      • Since Horse Close was equipped with speed ramps, this estate has not been utilised as much as before.
      • But former councillor Jo Price who lives at the bottom of High Street said the ramps controlled speeding drivers.
      • Controversial speed ramps at the Woodstock Service Station in Athy will be lowered.
      • Last Wednesday night, the news came through that the speed ramps will be put in by the end of November.
      • If we cannot control this, we're going to have to have ramps on all the roads.
      • Speed ramps were introduced during the last week in some of the residential areas of the town.
      • Speed ramps along College Road, put in to try and dissuade boy racers who use the road to cut from one side of the town to the other, have been branded useless.
      • He also said that speed ramps were not appropriate but were a last resort as a speed control.
      • Two speed ramps will be constructed at the Ardreigh Road from the railway bridge up to the Carlow Road.
      • He turned off at high speed towards Dunton, near Laindon, and totally ignored speed ramps in one road.
      • Speeding traffic and parking was also an issue with Martin Kavanagh who wanted ramps to control speeding and lots of them.
      • Well here was a proposal to put speed ramps in Cartron already agreed to in the past couple of months.
      • He said that he and his fellow councillors had been pressing the county council to install speed ramps at Manor Road, but to no avail.
      • But the ramps on the Woodhead road are far in excess of what might be needed, and completely ‘over the top’.
      • Speaking to a local resident, the issue of the new speed ramps came up.

  • 2Britishslang

    timo masculine informal
    robo a mano armada masculine informal

transitive verb


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