Translation of rampage in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈrampeɪdʒ/


  • 1

    to be/go on the rampage
    • fans went on the rampage in the town los hinchas arrasaron la ciudad
    • they went on a rampage of looting recorrieron el lugar saqueando y destrozando a su paso
    • Thieves went on the rampage in the Kenmare and Sneem area early on Friday morning when they raided a pub, restaurant and a local shop.
    • His supporters, however, were enraged by the verdict, and went on a rampage, setting fire to the state buildings.
    • A leading councillor has called for a major purge on problem youths after a gang of masked thugs carrying baseball bats went on the rampage.
    • Diepsloot residents went on the rampage, stoning cars and burning two government buildings.
    • After a hard week of training, I was very ready to get involved in the mayhem of a pirate rampage.
    • Children as young as 12 were part of a drunken gang of up to 150 youngsters who went on the rampage in Milnrow.
    • Property was destroyed as the Crown forces went on a lawless rampage.
    • Neil Griffin, who runs Clifton Hardware, suffered a broken window last week after youths went on the rampage with baseball bats.
    • Police also went on the rampage after the demonstration, attacking shoppers and arresting children.
    • You don't need to don headgear and go on a rampage through the streets.
    • Terrified residents fled when a Rottweiler went on the rampage - attacking one woman and five dogs.
    • An angry pensioner is offering a £500 reward after vandals went on a weekend rampage.
    • A gang of drunken youths robbed a woman and attacked passers-by when they went on the rampage in the centre of York.
    • After that the crowd went on a rampage of window breaking and looting.
    • A while ago some elephants got loose in Seoul and went on a rampage.
    • Hamer residents say they are living in fear after gangs went on the rampage and vandalised cars.
    • They went on the rampage pushing over marble and granite headstones and smashing family's memorials to their loved ones.
    • A year after football fans went on the rampage in Croydon the council says lessons have been learnt.
    • This is a guy who went on a rampage, killing people as they came at him, allegedly.
    • Five nurses were attacked when a man went on the rampage through a South Yorkshire hospital, a judge heard.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    pasar arrasando