Translation of rampant in Spanish:


galopante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈræmpənt//ˈramp(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (inflation) galopante
    (growth) desenfrenado
    (crime) endémico
    the ivy was running rampant over the garden la hiedra crecía exuberante por todo el jardín
    • disease was rampant proliferaban las enfermedades
    • Student loads have tripled, and, although grade inflation is rampant, few faculty are inclined to question the decline in standards.
    • We're also told we're experiencing rampant house price inflation which will undermine inflation targets.
    • Inflation was rampant, industrial output was low and agricultural production was below prewar levels.
    • Put simply, if inflation is bad, it is difficult to see why rampant house price inflation can credibly be seen as anything good.
    • The state of the economy and the rampant spread of methamphetamine use has many not caring how they go about getting the tourist to hand over the money.
    • In the early 1980s, the rampant inflation of the late 1970s came to an end much more quickly than anyone thought possible.
    • This could be accounted for by his being credited with reducing rampant inflation through a shock of strict monetary policies.
    • One main aim of this plan was to halt the rampant inflation of the Nicaraguan currency, the cordoba.
    • This job, more than any other, has really opened my eyes to just how rampant and unchecked mental illness is these days.
    • Indeed, by the end of 1981 inflation was rampant, reaching 14.1 percent.
    • Inflation was rampant (reaching around 1,000 per cent in Argentina) and currencies collapsed.
    • One of the more insidious invasions of our privacy rights is the rampant spread of drug tests in the American workplace.
    • In my view, it has always been a case of rampant U.S. Credit inflation impairing the dollar.
    • Weeks after allegations of rampant grade inflation, Harvard University professors are being asked to justify the grades they give students.
    • All wages were frozen in 1984 while inflation was rampant.
    • Council tax, on the other hand, is based on property values and so can throw up all sorts of anomalies, especially at times of rampant house price inflation.
    • It is also suffering from rampant inflation, resulting in strikes, protests and the collapse of business investments.
    • Individuals had to learn the importance of clean hands and basic personal sanitation to stop the rampant spread of infectious disease.
    • Online rumors and misinformation are rampant and can spread like wildfire.
    • At first the deficit was partly masked by rampant inflation and partly also set off against the money coming in from privatizations.
  • 2

    (in heraldry)
    • Now the dome was restored to its original purple, and the gold rampant horse reared above it.
    • Large ornate metal gates broke the monotony of the fencing, featuring the crest of a rampant goat and ox, and supported by two pillars crowned by identical statues of rampant elephants bearing arms.
    • In the very few crannies left behind are fleurs-de-lis, rampant lions, unicorns, dogs, and vases of flowers.
    • The massively arched door, in the style of a portcullis, is defended on either side by rampant lions, petrified in mid-snarl.
    • Groups of winged sphinxes and griffins trampling fallen goats alternate with rampant goats and seated griffins.