Translation of range in Spanish:


ámbito, n.

Pronunciation /reɪndʒ//reɪn(d)ʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(scope)

      ámbito masculine
      campo masculine
      it's beyond the range of my study está fuera del ámbito / del campo de mi estudio
      • the range of her knowledge was vast sus conocimientos eran amplísimos
      • Both started out with a narrowly defined fictional territory, and both have tried to extend their range.
      • The play shows her range and ability as a serious actor.
      • Like most artists he has had to learn his craft, extend his range and gradually arrive at a mature understanding of his own gifts.
      • Since then, she has gained a vast range of knowledge in all things equine.
      • The acting also showed that the cast has range beyond their usual witty quips and fight scenes.
      • In range and scope and significance we are not likely to see another like her.
      • By doing these films back-to-back, Spielberg emphasizes his range as a director.
      • Few scientists can match the range, depth and scope of his biodiversity knowledge.
      • ‘My experience suggests that the ranges and medians of scientific intelligence and ability are comparable in men and women,’ he says.

    • 1.2Music

      registro masculine
      he lacks range tiene un registro muy limitado
      • For the most part, the vocal ranges are narrow and would be suitable for all voice parts.
      • Its musical range spans about four octaves, and the sound has some similarities to that of a Western violin.
      • It is agile yet able to be easily heard over the entire orchestra, with secure pitch and an incredible range.
      • The last movement is a brilliant virtuoso movement that uses the whole range of the keyboard.
      • He has what is possibly one of the best male voices and ranges in the pop music world at the moment.
      • She opened on acoustic guitar with a beautiful ballad, showing the full range of her warm voice.
      • The best singers started their song at a low pitch to suit the range with which their voices are able to cope, and did not try songs which required them to reach high notes.
      • Moreover, the range of these scores almost always exceeds that of the pianist's hand.
      • Her deep, powerful voice has quite a range and she knows how to sell a song.
      • It's scored for four tenors and two basses - which confines the vocal range of the work to a mere two octaves.
      • The source of this parallel intoning of liturgical melody may be traced to the natural range of the human voice.
      • The majority of the tunes have a range of one octave plus an extension of a third or a fourth.
      • She has a good vocal range, but her voice lacks passion and has a nasal quality that grates after a while.
      • The range of your voice and the emotion you can express is really astounding.
      • Her voice is attractive and even throughout its range, and she has tremendous agility and control.
      • He does a superb job of showing off his vocal range as well as the softer side of his voice.
      • Her voice has a tremendous range, yet never managed to coincide with the note she was trying to hit.
      • They should perform a song that best shows their range of voice and must bring sheet music or their own backing track.
      • All of her songs lacked harmonies in the higher voice ranges, and I spent much of the concert wondering why anyone ever really played these songs on the radio in the first place.
      • Benny and Bjorn were amazing songwriters and the girls had wonderful voices with great ranges.

    • 1.3(bracket)

      if your income is within that range si sus ingresos están dentro de esos límites / son de ese orden
      • a house in the middle price range una casa dentro de un nivel medio de precios
      • it's within/out of our price range está dentro de/es más de lo que queremos gastar
      • children in a given ability range niños de un determinado nivel de aptitud

  • 2

    • 2.1(variety)

      variedad feminine
      a wide range of colors/prices una amplia gama / una gran variedad de colores/precios
      • a wide range of possibilities un amplio abanico de posibilidades
      • I have a wide range of interests mis intereses son múltiples y variados
      • it has a limited range of applications sus usos son limitados
      • They're also extremely knowledgeable about their vast range of whiskies.
      • The centre has a wide range of classes and activities to choose from for both adults and children.
      • Fleets like to deal with manufacturers that have a large range of vehicles.
      • Most universities provide a range of courses, some general and others highly focused.
      • The menu covers a range of Italian style dishes, offering a choice of 23 pizzas and a variety of pasta options.
      • Next to the play area is a café for adults to refuel with a range of hot and cold refreshments.
      • The new savings schemes will offer a range of different investment options.
      • Young York musicians have received a major boost with the donation of a range of musical instruments.
      • The nature of Robert's work requires him to carry a phenomenal range of equipment with him each day.
      • The bank can offer a full range of products, including trade finance, securities trading and foreign exchange.
      • This room overlooks the back garden, which is mostly in lawn with a decked patio and a range of plants and shrubs.
      • Nearby mountains and lakes offer a full range of outdoor activities.
      • Seven of the people were taken to Daisy Hill Hospital with a range of spinal, back and head injuries.
      • The bus would provide a whole range of services to the community.
      • The term trawler covers a vast range of ship sizes and designs.
      • We believe in independent living and we provide a whole range of services for disabled people.
      • A small sample of hair is sent for testing to a lab, where it is screened for traces of a range of drugs, including cannabis and heroin.
      • He is set to release his own range of luxury cars.
      • The club is open to people of all ages and abilities, has a strong junior section and attends a range of competitions.
      • His performance showcases his ability with a range of instruments and a diversity of styles.

    • 2.2(selection)

      línea feminine
      gama feminine
      our summer range is in the shops now nuestra línea de verano está ya en los comercios

  • 3

    • 3.1(of gun)

      alcance masculine
      a range of 200m un alcance de 200m
      • at close/long range de cerca/lejos
      • at pointblank range a quemarropa
      • to come/be within range ponerse/estar a tiro
      • it was out of range estaba fuera del alcance del arma
      • The minimum and maximum ranges of the missile are 5km and 130 km.
      • It seemed only moments before the natives withdrew to just outside rifle shot range.
      • He was too far out of range for the shots to be effective.
      • The missile has a range of 27 km with an effective ceiling of 15 km, the sources said.
      • The missile has a range of 700 km.
      • The drop-ship was now in range of the missile and began to lower for the cruiser.
      • Correspondents say this is a substantial addition to the previously announced range of the country's missiles.
      • Ten percent of the facilities are within the range of non-strategic ballistic missiles.
      • It was therefore within the two kilometre range of these rockets.
      • The rate of fire was below average, but it had very good range and each shot was quite powerful.
      • Recovered guns and cannons had ranges of up to a mile.
      • The maximum range of those rockets was just over five miles.
      • This second generation missile improved both range and reaction time.
      • The maximum range of a long bow was 400 metres but at this distance, it was far less effective.
      • The maximum effective range of the main tank gun is less than two miles.
      • The ammunition used will also affect the maximum range.
      • The test of what is believed to have been a short-range missile took place Sunday.
      • No further details, including the range of the missile's new version, were provided.
      • They were developing ground-to-ground missiles with a range of thousands of kilometres.

    • 3.2(of vehicle, missile)

      autonomía feminine
      the aircraft has a range of 4,000 miles el aparato tiene una autonomía de 4.000 millas
      • long-range missiles misiles de largo alcance
      • The truck's range is great, with the fuel light coming on at around 360 miles.
      • The new lifeboat will have a range of 250 nautical miles and will carry a crew of six.
      • The vehicle has a range of 214 miles with a maximum speed of 40mph.
      • This prototype car has a range of 500 kilometers.
      • As any pilot knows, flying trips to the limits of an airplane's range requires precise calculations.
      • The more limited range of electric vehicles is less problematic when most trips are within the urban area.
      • The Gazelle could carry a maximum of four people, and had a top speed of 168 knots with a range of 300 nautical miles.
      • Triton has a top speed of 20 knots and a maximum range of 3000 nautical miles at a speed of 12 knots.
      • They warned that by 1948 increased enemy aircraft ranges would permit the extension of these attacks.

    • 3.3(sight, earshot)

      wait until he's within range espera hasta que esté lo suficientemente cerca y pueda ver/oír

    • 3.4Telecommunications
      (mobile telephony)

      cobertura feminine
      to be out of range estar fuera de cobertura
      • to be in range tener cobertura
      • Range drops with battery power too, so you might go past the edge of radio range without expecting to.
      • The receiving range is determined largely by site noise and interference factors.
      • Sometimes two different logging roads are close enough to be within radio range.
      • The coastguard remains unaware of their plight because the boat radio has a working range of 6ft.
      • Each system has a base unit which enables you to page the handset of a user, so long as they are in range.
      • Often truck convoys and support units were out of range of each other's radios.
      • Look for us calling in once we get back into radio range in a few days.
      • You will also need to activate the infrared service on the telephone and place it within range of the receiver on the Notebook.
      • About 60 per cent of Europe's population already lives within range of a mobile phone transmitter.
      • They were able to bounce radio waves off an aircraft out to a range of seven miles.
      • Wi-Fi's strength as a broadband access technology has always been offset by its poor range.
      • This is an impressive range for a VHF radio network, and is remarkable technology.
      • Sligo Community Radio has a transmission range of approximately 17 miles radius of Sligo town.
      • He was almost in radio range, but he decided to take a break at the Hangman's Pit.

  • 4

    (for shooting)
    campo de tiro masculine
    • He was at the archery range.
    • Three new target greens have been added to the range, which is covered so that players can practice in all weathers.
    • This person has the title of ‘Field Captain’ and controls the shooting on the range.
    • Too often these days, I see shooters at the range practicing with their hunting rifles from a bench rest.
    • Shooters are taking these fine old guns out to the range for a shot or two just to try to absorb a little of the gun's history.
    • The gun club has some of the best target ranges in the world but has been forced to use a wartime prefab as an office and clubhouse.
    • Belt holsters worn on the range for practice are easy to access, but there is often a lack of concealment or security.
    • None of these tiny revolvers are going to win medals at the target range.
    • Nathan was sitting and thinking over a cup of tea, while Sean was blasting targets in the range.
    • Their benefit is that we can carry on a normal conversation or hear range commands but still preserve our hearing.
    • Every gun was proof tested and sent to the range for at least a dozen rounds of tuning before being sent out.
    • I want to buy a shotgun and start going to the range.
    • They allow the student to hear range commands over the gunfire of other students.
    • Reliability in the field or on the range can be improved by maintaining a clean shotgun.
    • He was out on the firing range and after 275 shots at the target, he hadn't hit it.
    • The wind is ripping away at the netting that covers the range, making sure unshot clays don't smash into us.
    • I took a good buddy of mine to the local range to shoot my new Smith & Wesson revolver.
    • Learn the mechanics of one-hand shooting, and do a few drills when range time permits.
    • However, time spent on known distance ranges will give the individual shooter an understanding of where his shots fly, something ignored by most until now.
    • He had once gone down to the practice ranges to mock her archery skills when she'd first begun to learn.
  • 5

    cadena feminine
    a mountain range una cordillera
    • a range of hills una sierra
    • He points left to face the closest mountain range and says that the mountains are in Ethiopia.
    • Mountain ranges also play a large part in local wind formation.
    • Eastwards the ridge opened out in a series of bumps, dips and peaks, more like a small range of mountains than one single hill.
    • Mountain ranges are created by diverse tectonic processes, including convergence of plates and volcanic activity.
    • In the opposite direction was a range of pink-brown mountains.
    • On a clear day, the snow-capped range of the Atlas Mountains hangs above Marrakesh like some silvery curtain.
    • As the sun sank behind the mountains, they entered the foothills of a broad range of peaks.
    • By midafternoon they had reached the summit of the first range of mountains, and stopped to rest the horses.
    • This range of hills was impassable for early settlers and stopped westward expansion.
    • To their left was a range of threatening mountains, and to their right was nothing - just endless fields.
    • Mount Winnipeg was the tallest mountain in the range, and it was always the first to be capped with snow.
    • Mountain ranges and oceans both provide barriers for the migration of plants.
    • The Pennines are a range of mountains running up the middle of the northern half of England.
    • They successfully conquered East Anglia, but were thwarted by the first range of hills.
    • Causey nosed his mount into the meadow and headed for the low range of mountains in the east.
    • Through Montana the railroad goes between two ranges of foot hills.
    • Ministers face legal action by a local authority for excluding a range of mountains from the Cairngorms National Park.
    • Inland the ground rises quickly, to two ranges of high mountains, where there is much winter frost and snow.
    • The entire forested mountain range is now completely protected as part of a large World Heritage area.
    • There are a few ridges and ranges in the distance.
  • 6

    cocina económica feminine
    • They've installed oil-fired ranges and stoves.
    • The kitchen has an Aga range, wooden shelves and storage spaces throughout.
    • I remember clearly my mother's kitchen with a coal range and the hot water cylinder alongside with a tap on it for hot water.
    • It was good to be sitting in the kitchen of an old Welsh cottage again, close by the range and the open door to the garden.
    • A fire roared in the kitchen range and sides of ham hung from a ceiling for smoking.
  • 7

    • 7.1(grazing land)

      pradera feminine
      • Ranchers have to be careful not to put too many cattle on these ranges because overgrazing can lead to erosion.
      • Russian knapweed is a problem in ranges and pastures in the western United States, where it grows up to 4 feet tall and takes over otherwise productive land.
      • Back when the old American west was untamed, and the ranges were open and free, there lived an unassuming cowboy named Gritts.
      • By the mid-19th century, the stocking of desert grassland ranges with cattle, sheep, and goats was progressing at a phenomenal rate.
      • The year before, a neighbor had returned a doe after finding her out on the range, alongside his cattle.
      • First, deer herds on many ranges are overpopulated, often with too many does.
      • The owner of the range sold out, but he bought new land to open a replacement range.
      • After 1900, droughts became more frequent, and grass cover on heavily grazed ranges declined by up to 70 percent.
      • In the 1880s, as cattle herds spread onto northern ranges, cowboys and cattlemen congregated in Cheyenne.
      • Cattle mutilations generally occur where cattle are raised and kept in quantity on ranges or in pastures.

    • 7.2Zoology Botany

      zona de distribución feminine
      • All populations of Lincoln's Sparrows are migratory, although some summer and winter ranges overlap in New Mexico and Northern California.
      • There are 16 subspecies whose range spreads from India as far as southern China and the Philippines.
      • A glance at a thrush distribution map reveals that summer range extends as far north as the birch scrub zone on the Kola peninsular.
      • There are currently thought to be 19 species, their range extending from France to the Caucasus.
      • On both sides of the mountains, the winter range varies with food sources.
      • As a result, their breeding ranges have spread until several of them overlap.
      • Washington is at the extreme northern edge of the breeding range of the Acorn Woodpecker.
      • With the clearing of forests and the spread of farming, the cowbird's range expanded north and east.
      • They leave northern breeding areas for winter ranges farther south or at lower elevations.
      • Why the natural ranges of plants differ and what has led each species to its current distribution pattern have always been focal questions in biogeography.
      • Panda range once extended from eastern and southern China into North Vietnam and Myanmar.
      • Males are found in the northern end of the range and migrate south for breeding.
      • They do shift and adapt their breeding range to take advantage of new habitat.
      • With dying lawns in the south and new plants extending their ranges northwards it sounds as though our gardens will be looking rather different in years to come.
      • These routes used by migratory birds for passage between wintering and breeding ranges are called flyways.
      • Another option is to look at creating corridors between protected lands as a way of expanding the animals' ranges.
      • Its range extends from Portugal to China, with the largest numbers found in Spain and Russia.
      • Most Spruce Grouse do not migrate, but some do move short distances between separate summer and winter ranges.
      • Most populations of White-throated Sparrows are migratory, although there is some overlap of breeding and wintering ranges.
      • The pine barrens of New Jersey is the northernmost range of 109 southern plant species.

      donde se da una especie

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (vary, extend)
    to range from sth to sth
    • their ages range from 12 to 20 tienen entre 12 y 20 años
    • the book ranges in time from the Middle Ages to the present day el libro abarca desde la Edad Media hasta nuestros días / comprende el período entre la Edad Media y nuestros días
    • estimates range up to $20,000 hay presupuestos de hasta 20.000 dólares
    • the conversation ranged over many topics /ranged widely la conversación abarcó muchos temas
  • 2

    they ranged far and wide in search of food deambularon por todas partes en busca de comida
    • the animals range through the woods los animales vagan por los bosques
  • 3

    Zoology Botany

transitive verb

  • 1

    (line up, place)
    they ranged themselves against the proposal se alinearon en contra de la propuesta
  • 2

    (wander over)
    (seas) surcar literary
    (plain/hills) recorrer
  • 3

    (cattle) pastar