Translation of rankle in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈraŋk(ə)l//ˈræŋk(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to rankle with sb
    • the government's attitude rankles with the unions los sindicatos están resentidos por la actitud del gobierno
    • what still rankles with me is that … lo que no les (or le etc.) puedo perdonar es que …
    • Though gratitude to America for coming to our rescue in the Second World War continues, aspects of the shared adventure rankled at the time.
    • What especially rankles with Vosseler, 57, is that he was not on the guest list for a high - profile party to celebrate Schröder's 60th birthday last April.
    • This rankled with me two years ago and I still find it very irksome today.
    • Playing down to his sexist expectations worked, but the idea that because she was a woman she must not be a threat still rankled.
    • The questions were legitimate but they rankled with Murray, who can be as delicate off-court as he is destructively powerful on it.
    • It also must have rankled with the Scottish Parliament because nurses themselves are usually barred from speaking to the press.
    • But Keating's devaluing of Anglo-Australia and of the links with Britain rankled with sections of the British-descended majority.
    • The behaviour of some people after Munich rankled with me very much, and continues to do so, especially when the anniversary comes around.
    • I think we acquitted ourselves really well in the Champions League, but it still rankles with most of us that we are out of it.
    • The mildly teasing tone in the girl's voice took most of the sting out of her last comment, yet it still rankled.
    • Adams' sarcasm did not solely derive from his jealousy of Franklin's easy popularity, though that always rankled with him.
    • He is keen to put his high-profile role in the disastrous Lions tour of Australia, behind him, although four months on certain matters still rankle.
    • The issues they raise often have their roots in the past and yet continue to rankle.
    • The famous analyst's remark that Goodwin had been dubbed a ‘megalomaniac’ clearly rankles, and Mathewson defends his chief executive's strategy and abilities to take the group to its next stage.
    • The fact that Jackson escaped prosecution rankles.
    • The recent US accounting scandals have rankled with Edelman.
    • Your bank statements provide some compensation, but it still rankles.
    • It rankles with him that his ankle created so much trouble: it led to his missing half of last season, most of this one, and provided him with pain and depression during darker moments when he thought he would never return to the game.
    • What really seemed to rankle with her was his statement that he was ashamed of the affair.
    • Broadly, he says, his government has listened and tried to understand business, but there are issues which still rankle.

transitive verb


  • 1

    their humiliating defeat still rankles (them) todavía les duele aquella humillante derrota