Translation of rant in Spanish:


despotricar, v.

Pronunciation: /rænt//rant/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    the old man was ranting (on) about the youth of today el viejo estaba despotricando contra la juventud de hoy
    • my father ranted and raved at me for half an hour mi padre me echó un sermón / una perorata de media hora
    • As you may recall I ranted about this a week or so ago.
    • Among other topics we discussed, she ranted about some of the things my stepdad does that drive her nuts.
    • He ranted about my disregard for the law and my campaign to drive music retailers out of business.
    • This is to the moron who ranted about the chicken commercials.
    • After dealing with the young man I ranted about a few months ago, it's certainly a welcome change.
    • He ranted on like this for several minutes, close to tears, while Jimmy Saville grinned and played with his jewellery.
    • He ranted for years about how it should not be winner-takes-all.
    • Josh ranted, too absorbed in his words to notice the incredulous expression his companion was wearing.
    • I then got distracted by the real world and I ranted about power stations.
    • I remember writing a letter to the editor, where I ranted about the state of literature in this country.
    • For some reason he ranted on and on about the fact that they'd been promised a move to new offices, and it wouldn't happen.
    • One frail elderly man ranted on at length about a catalogue of mistakes on his account, some of which went back to 1939.
    • Thank you, Mr Cochrane, for publishing what many of us have ranted about within our own circles for the last few months.
    • I've ranted about this issue before, and my opinion remains unchanged.
    • I lost my temper and ranted and raged for 10 minutes, then jammed the phone down, and felt very, very bad.
    • Theodore was still ranting angrily under his breath about Matt and Lidia, but she didn't mind.
    • Kitsumi ranted, walking back and forth silently and mindlessly along the sidewalk.
    • I ranted at length about this in an article published earlier this year in Bermuda's daily newspaper.
    • The rest came back about an hour or so later, and we ranted about the wedding for many an hour.
    • He assaulted nurses who tried to calm and restrain him and left other workers cowering as he ranted at them.


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    sermón masculine formal
    vituperio masculine formal
    a rant against sth un sermón en contra de algo
    • to have a rant despotricar