Translation of rap in Spanish:


golpe, n.

Pronunciation /rap//ræp/


  • 1

    golpe masculine
    there was a rap at the door se oyó un golpe en la puerta
    • I don't care a rap me importa un bledo / un pepino / un rábano / un comino
    • Not before long he heard a sharp rap on the door, and a stern voice telling him no doors were to be locked in that family.
    • Lifting her hand to the knot infested wood, she gave the door a quick rap with her knuckles
    • A timid knock sounded, followed by a couple of bold raps on the door.
    • Three sharp raps at the door interrupted his speech and Ben looked helplessly to Marie.
    • A sharp rap at the door made the quartet's heads turn simultaneously toward the door.
    • A sharp rap on his door told Dmitri that Helena had arrived.
    • He was deep in thought, and jumped when a sharp rap on the metal of the steel trailer rang in his ears.
    • That earns him a sharp rap on the shoulder, but he says he doesn't mind because my punches don't hurt.
    • A quick rap at the door made Katie realize that she had been in a daze.
    • Smart's parents deserve a dozen sharp raps on the head, as well.
    • A sharp rap on Ryan's window eventually broke us apart.
    • I was getting into bed when I heard a quick rap on the door.
    • If caught using her left hand, it got a rap on the knuckles with a rule.
    • Before he could answer Roland's question, a sharp rap on the door interrupted him.
    • Because a moment later, I hear a sharp rap on the door.
    • A sharp rap at the door of the dressing room broke the two out of their romantic interlude.
    • After a brisk rap on the door, the four officers went inside the terraced house in Shirley.
    • A sharp rap sounded on the door and Clara reached out to open it.
    • Some minutes later, as they were finishing their meal, there was a sharp rap on the front door.
    • She waited patiently until she heard the rap of the door and raced downstairs to open up the door.
  • 2

    • 2.1US informal (criticism)

      crítica feminine
      acusación feminine
      • Removing him for this game serves the dual purpose of delivering a sharp rap to him as he searches about for his best form and adding some extra strength to Kerry's attack in Liam Hassett.

    • 2.2US informal (conviction)

      to pin a rap on sb acusar a algn

  • 3

    • 3.1informal (chat)

      charla feminine
      cháchara feminine informal
      we had a rap about old times estuvimos de cháchara rememorando los viejos tiempos informal
      • In a calm, cool, and extremely friendly way, hold a rap session with your dancers and their parents.
      • He's pretty quiet at the hall meetings and the rap group sessions.
      • So whenever Hilary has any of her cronies over, I have to suffer through a rap session blaring from her room.

    • 3.2Music

      rap masculine
      • Johnson must have sung about his life, just as today's rap artists doubtless sing about their own experiences.
      • Big Boi's raps are, as always, inventive, the words tumbling out with speed and bite.
      • Roll Deep recently managed it by setting some hard urban beats and raps against some well-chosen samples and melodies.
      • In 2001, hip-hop and rap overtook country music as the second most popular form of music bought in the United States.
      • She was listening rock music and rap from a small black radio that was next to her.
      • ‘Summer Girl’ could be one of the best singles of the year and on ‘Que Onda Guero’ he puts together his best-ever raps.
      • Reggae, pop, and rap are popular with the youth.
      • Indeed, the number of Spanish rap artists and CDs has continued to increase ever since.
      • All their songs were full of slang phrases and raps.
      • The duo take a distinctly independent approach to hip-hop, creating cinematic but melancholy beats around some telling raps from Reindeer.
      • Their raps may be blazing, but the melodies deliberately evoke early Beach Boys memories.
      • The result fuses generic hip-hop beats and raps with some genuinely surprising performers - criss-crossing some radio-friendly funk with something a little more introspective.
      • One would assume that Mills, coming from the progressive, underground garage movement, would buttress his raps with arresting beats.
      • So, what could listening to rap and other music have to do with improving those scores?
      • Both fans of techno and fans of rap music should enjoy this album.
      • There is a wide range of rock, hip hop, rap and techno music.
      • Luckily, K-OS has the rhymes to back up his rants, wielding a lyrical intelligence that shines both on his ardent raps and in his surprisingly smooth singing.
      • You were one of the first prominent female solo artists in rap music.
      • His more unusual gambit, however, is dicing the sampled raps of various MCs into terse snippets.
      • His voice has a limited range, but is used well, serving the slow burn of these songs far more effectively than a straightforward rap.
      • As usual with Canibus' battle raps, the lyrics are near flawless.
      • Since then, youth involvement with rap has rapidly increased throughout the country.
      • But with the rise to prominence of rap and R&B, black artists with clout have started to emerge and are more powerful than ever before.
      • Murs has been cultivating the art of storytelling in his raps for some time now.
      • Once in a while, an artist comes along that completely revolutionizes rap music.
      • Everlast is one of the few artists who can take on a style of music like rap and bring something fresh to it while still keeping it all real.
      • I am fascinated by his raps and the way he started rapping.
      • So, instead of offering thoughtful lyrics that address contemporary concerns both political and social, or easing the audience into a new sound with trademark humor, he keeps the beats simple and the raps simpler.
      • When I would hear my students reciting rap lyrics, I used to ask them what the words actually meant.
      • ‘Hip hop’ refers to a culture that existed before rap music was ever heard on the radio.
      • The book is well written, carefully researched, and nicely organized, and its study of the early origins of rap is fascinating.
      • His cinematic influence is to the fore again with a number of tracks, usually using Peveron's rambling raps, as vehicles to keep the album moving.
      • In his spare time, he watches TV and listens to rap, hip-hop, R & B and reggae.
      • All of these women's raps illustrate that they can do what they are doing.
      • The Hard Knock Life tour made it so rap artists could go out again and do arena tours.
      • Vordul's verse is uninspiring and sounds much more like spoken word poetry, rather than a proper rap.
      • The number of rap productions grew constantly and rapidly in the 1990s throughout Europe.
      • In these artists, many fans find some continuity with the fun-loving and community-oriented origins of rap.
      • Mainly produced by, and featuring, Eminem, it gives you what you'd expect - strong beats, ironic raps and bizarre alter egos.
      • We certainly can't peg Sole as a hip-hop artist based on raps alone.

intransitive verbrapping, rapped

  • 1

    dar un golpe
    to rap at/on the door llamar a la puerta
    • Janet followed Bill to the basement window, where Bill jumped lightly into the window well and rapped on the window.
    • I screamed as someone rapped on my window with their knuckles.
    • Sara rapped on my desk loudly and interrupted our conversation.
    • Fox rapped on the table to call the meeting to order.
    • The teacher rapped on the chalkboard with a yardstick, making some of the kids fall out of their desk comically.
    • He rapped on my window, completely startling me.
    • She curled her fingers into a fist and rapped on the window.
    • At that moment Peach looked their way and rapped on the table with a jeweled rod.
    • The door was locked, but he rapped on it softly for several minutes and finally it swung open.
    • After this was done he moved to the coffin and rapped on the lid three times.
    • Early the next morning, Angela rapped on Kieran's door.
    • Pat anxiously rapped on each of the windows, concerned that occupants of the home might have been trapped inside.
    • I walked downstairs in a towel and rapped on the front desk.
    • She quickly stepped over him and rapped on Jack and Michael's door.
    • She had reached the door to her mother's room, and gently rapped on it until she called out.
    • There was a light at the back of the building and she rapped on the glass hoping someone would hear.
    • When the man didn't seem to notice, Joey rapped on the counter hard.
    • The teacher rapped on his desk twice and stood up.
    • The dark-haired boy rapped on the strange panel with his knuckles.
    • Daimon rapped on the cold glass and fogged it with her breath.
  • 2informal

    cotorrear informal
    • Just call her up to rap about it.
    • Jean Grae responds, and then she raps about baseball, sounding like a natural.

transitive verbrapping, rapped

  • 1

    he rapped his gavel for silence dio unos golpes con el martillo para que hicieran silencio
  • 2

    llamar al orden
    • At the 1998 Nagano Olympics, he was rapped by Bazay for criticizing the selection of freestyle skier Jean-Luc Brassard as Canada's flag-bearer.