Translation of rapeseed in Spanish:


semilla de colza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪpˌsid//ˈreɪpsiːd/


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    semilla de colza feminine
    • Wexford Renewable Fuels is due to begin extracting oil from rapeseed shortly in Adamstown, Co. Wexford to produce a fuel suitable for diesel engines.
    • Farmers growing rapeseed, also known as canola, could co-op a regional seed press, and offer area restaurants premium oil at local prices to avoid too may middlemen and shipping costs.
    • According to Ministry of Agriculture regulations, a total of 17 products categorized as soybeans, corn, rapeseed, cotton seed and tomatoes were the first that needed to be labelled.
    • Likely products include oil from rapeseed as a diesel substitute, ethanol from beet as an alternative to petrol and a range of crops for combustion to produce heat and electricity.
    • Transport fuel based on renewable oilseed crops such as soybeans and rapeseed also has potential.
    • Blue Sun Biodiesel is a limited liability company affiliated with a cooperative that proposes to produce biodiesel from rapeseed grown on the western High Plains area of Colorado and neighboring states.
    • Until the 1940's rapeseed was grown mainly for lamp fuel and as forage for animals.
    • Since the oil crisis in 1973, plant oils, mainly from rapeseed and soybean, have been investigated as an alternative, renewable source of liquid fuels.
    • Fuel to run cars can be made from a number of crops, including Yorkshire rapeseed.
    • The rapeseed producers' co-op offers farmers not riches, says Starkebaum, but a way to mitigate risk, and to earn some extra money above the price of the crop.
    • For example, it was used to knock out a gene in rapeseed to make production of edible canola oil possible.
    • There were more entries in the card catalogue of the library on rapeseed than on rape, she writes.
    • The exact same methods developed by growers of rapeseed can be used to control cross pollination from GM crops.
    • Researchers have found that feeding cows rapeseed generates milk with lower levels of high-cholesterol, saturated fat.
    • After talking with agronomists at several universities, Blue Sun decided that rapeseed was the best choice for feedstock.
    • It is made from rapeseed and requires no engine or oil modification.
    • Almost 75% of plant oils are derived from four major crops; soybean, rapeseed, palm and sunflower oil.
    • Vegetable oil is the term for any oil that's derived from oilseed crops such as soybean, rapeseed, or cottonseed.
    • Foods that are rich in unsaturated fats include oily fish, avocados, nuts and sunflower, rapeseed and olive oils.
    • The refinery will process about 100 000 tons of rapeseed a year.