Translation of rapid in Spanish:


rápido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈræpəd//ˈrapɪd/


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    • On the other hand, we only had four or five years of really rapid economic growth.
    • The French death rate was falling, but so too was its birth rate, at an unusually rapid rate.
    • On both sides of the Atlantic each culture is in rapid decline and his first priority was to ensure he had recordings of each form of worship.
    • With the rapid fall in interest rates the desire to purchase an annuity diminished.
    • The combination of a steep drop in interest rates and the rapid rise in household debt has fuelled a surge in lending.
    • At the same time, the net worth of the wealthiest families has grown at a rapid rate.
    • In 406 the army in Britain elevated the first in a rapid succession of three emperors.
    • The economic story of the year has been the rapid and alarming decline of the global economy.
    • The company had an excellent staff retention rate, but rapid expansion came at a price.
    • Therefore, even with low interest rates, a rapid recovery is hard to imagine.
    • Gun collecting has really taken off in the last few years and prices are moving up at a rapid rate.
    • We can no longer use the past to try and predict the future because change occurs at such a rapid rate.
    • In rapid succession, there were four constitutional amendments to try to plug these holes.
    • The rate of industrial growth was very rapid, and the rate of growth of heavy industry remarkable.
    • Within ten years the economy was booming and it entered the age of very rapid economic growth.
    • In rapid succession he won Auldearn, Alford, and Kilsyth, and occupied Edinburgh.
    • The surprisingly rapid economic slowdown undermined the performance of companies across all sectors.
    • My forecast is for that number to continue to grow to at a rapid rate across the coming years.
    • What the billions of people who live in the world's poorer countries need is rapid economic growth.
    • And as the price climbed, it has had two key effects, not dissimilar to a rapid rise in interest rates.