Translation of rapidity in Spanish:


rapidez, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈpɪdɪti//rəˈpɪdədi/


  • 1

    rapidez feminine
    • She was interrupted in her reverie by a sight of a man, clad in black, descending the hill with some rapidity.
    • It may be in part accounted for by much energy being expended in the rapidity of the transmission.
    • He can tell by the rapidity of the bleeps that he is close by now.
    • For example, there are several cases on record of third-degree burns healing with extraordinary rapidity.
    • To record the rapidity, force, breadth, or intensity of movements, Laban required additional notations.
    • The rapidity with which you work through further evaluation depends on whether you have any other health complaints or not.
    • My only real problem with the game is that you can lose your hand with frightening rapidity.
    • However, neither the scale of the phenomenon nor its rapidity of onset during or following allopolyploidization is known.
    • Rapidity of thrust generation is accordingly coupled to torsional agility in pitch.
    • The tidings spread with wonderful rapidity in the wilderness of Judea.
    • In the cadenzas, Cziffra rips out the single note runs with a rapidity usually reserved for piano roll "performances."
    • The rock liner for the junction pockets is glasslike due to the rapidity with which it cooled during formation.
    • The rapidity with which the Indian government has abandoned its previous foreign policy precepts underlines the fact that there is no going back.
    • What's striking about the sequence is the rapidity with which the numbers grow larger.
    • You mentioned being fascinated by the rapidity of some of these electronic devices.
    • The length of each symbol corresponds to the rapidity of the gesture.
    • This would contribute to the apparent rapidity of the oxidation event.
    • It won't be anything on the scale or the rapidity of the surge in Iraq.
    • The Red Army would then move with great rapidity to concentrate against one enemy division.
    • But, if by any accident the parachute is not expanded as he falls, the rapidity of the fall will not be checked.