Translation of rapier in Spanish:


estoque, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪpiər//ˈreɪpɪə/


  • 1

    estoque masculine
    before noun rapier thrust estocada feminine
    • All swords and rapiers used are blunt, but otherwise accurate replicas of surviving examples.
    • A candelabrum hung from the wall, next to a pair of dueling rapiers.
    • We lost our rapiers in the crash and I'd like to continue fencing practice during our voyages.
    • The one that caught my attention was a woman wearing green and carrying a long, thin, lightweight sword, a rapier to be exact.
    • This is perhaps the first version of the film to apply full-sized rapiers and correct period style to the combats.
    • Initially, logic suggested that rapiers used in formal personal combat should be as long as possible.
    • He blocked using one of the rapiers and thrusted with the other one.
    • Some of them had little rapiers at their sides, others had shiny metal buttons on their tunics.
    • That sort of grip is along the lines of the French foil school and has nothing whatsoever to do with 16th century rapiers.
    • The lady shook her head, curtsied, and held out a hand for Langley's rapiers.
    • The first part of Palladini's work is devoted solely to the use of the single sword or rapier.
    • He also goes on to describe in many places in his book, the way in which a rapier was used in delivering multiple feints.
    • In fact, at this time it seems that the English still persisted in rapiers and daggers of disproportionate length which were certainly disappearing elsewhere.
    • There were the rapiers on the walls, but I was too short to reach them.
    • At this point, none of them were wearing any special gear, and the foils were now replaced with real rapiers.
    • For 150 years the rapier had been the principal civilian sword in Europe and the Italians were undisputed masters of it.
    • Several weapons, such as swords, shields, rapiers, daggers and spearheads, which were probably symbols of wealth and power, have also been recovered from the river.
    • Authentic items include Japanese samurai swords and 19 th-century British rapiers; replicas range from King Arthur's sword to Rambo's combat knife.
    • In the scuffle, they exchange rapiers and Hamlet slices Laertes with the venomous weapon.
    • A few, mostly the higher ranking among them, carried well crafted rapiers that they had appropriated in trade.