Translation of rapport in Spanish:


relación de comunicación, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈpɔr//raˈpɔː//ræˈpɔr/


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    relación de comunicación feminine
    it is important to establish a good rapport with your students es importante entablar una buena relación de comunicación con los alumnos
    • a close rapport exists between them se entienden muy bien
    • She was a person of understanding and tolerance and had a rapport on a very human level with all her pupils.
    • He had a good rapport with the people of Roscommon and served the community well down through the years.
    • Kieran recalls that Margo had an incredible rapport with the Irish exiles all over England.
    • Dermot and Bridie quickly established a rapport with the people of the town and hinterland.
    • In later years, she had a special rapport with her grandchildren and took a keen interest in their lives.
    • He loved his profession and had a wonderful rapport with the children and the people of the Bohola region.
    • Gradually he overcame his natural shyness and established a rapport with his audience.
    • The rapport that she established with her guards was a factor, but obviously it was far from enough.
    • He quickly realised the importance of establishing a rapport with the players.
    • Woolery has great presence, and always maintains a good rapport with the contestants.
    • We quickly established a rapport, and it fell to me to tell him his diagnosis.
    • With her inimitable recital she established an immediate rapport with the audience.
    • Witty and engaging, he was very well informed on local matters and had a special rapport with young folk.
    • He has a great rapport with the other players and he and his wife socialise with them.
    • Their set of songs were played flawlessly and they had a great rapport with each other on stage.
    • I made sure that the student walked out of the class with me enabling me to develop a positive rapport with him.
    • He was a hard-working man who had a good rapport with people and who got on well with friends and neighbours.
    • However, there was a point at which I seemed to establish a rapport with a rather sexy man on the dance floor.
    • She also had a wonderful rapport with her grandchildren and there was a great bond between them.
    • His has a great rapport with his audiences and requests are always welcome.