Translation of rat in Spanish:


rata, n.

Pronunciation /ræt//rat/


  • 1

    rata feminine
    • One resident said she has seen rats scurrying out to snatch discarded pieces of bread in broad daylight.
    • He notes that wild cats may have been drawn to settlements where grain stores attracted rats and mice.
    • Cane rats should not be confused with domestic rodents such as rats and mice which can be disease-carrying vermin.
    • One rat's nest can turn into a colony of 50 rats in six months.
    • Bodies start to smell like dead rats if you leave them in one place too long.
    • Up until 1987 this kind of experiment had only done in rodents, rats and mice, and in lower organisms.
    • The number of genetic differences between humans and chimps is ten times smaller than that between mice and rats.
    • Luckily we didn't see any dead rats.
    • Wistar albino rats were divided into five groups.
    • Despite the situation, they're not lab rats in a cage; they're fellow human beings.
    • What's the difference between a water vole and a rat?
    • It turns out that mice and rats and some other rodents have hearing which looks very similar to ours.
    • We used 18 male adult hooded rats that were maintained under the same conditions as those in Experiment 1.
    • Pigeons cooed from the rooftops of buildings, and rats scurried along the floor.
    • Admittedly some of the rodents that possess the ability, such as rats and mice, are almost completely nocturnal.
    • Most people are familiar with mice, rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs, which are commonly kept as pets.
    • Inside his Manhattan brownstone lurks something even more terrifying than his business associates: a giant sewer rat.
    • Control lung tissue was also obtained from adult male rats.
    • Adult male albino rats were housed in the controlled temperature and photoperiod.
    • In one study, researchers exposed laboratory rats to a toxin that is known to cause Parkinson's disease.
  • 2informal

    rata de alcantarilla feminine informal
    canalla masculine informal
    • We went back to the set and I watched the Falcon escape from bondage and alert the cops to where the crime boss and his rats were hiding out.
    • She's doing it all for her own self pleasure, that rat!
    • He then recognised the ship approaching them ‘I should've known that rat would be here.’
    • You know every rat, snitch and scoundrel on this island, and between them they know everything shady that transpires.
    • How can you make a philandering love cheat, who works his way through a family of sisters, anything but a rogue and a rat?
    • Even Thatcher herself wouldn't have dreamed that the king rat builders would so effectively take over an entire country's development with no real opposition.
    • He, who's a braggart and a drunk and a rat and a scoundrel, at his death bed, says, I find Christ.
    • He was so unworthy, a lowly thief, a rat, unfit to breathe Her Majesty's air.
    • Congratulations to Bob, you rat, despite not, building in A01 and NMRing three times.
    • If you're out there you rat, I finally caught on and I want my money back.
    • The good news is that his adviser, that rat Fred Tough, has had to go with him.
    • ‘For your information this little rat insulted me’ Debbie huffed sticking her chin up snobbishly.
    • Here was the building that housed the penthouse where Nick had lived, and where she'd met his street rat friend that actually caught her heart for a time.
    • Most especially, every jerk bureaucrat and greedy welfare rat (particularly the rich ones) with a hand in the public till gets to vote.
    • Pretty soon, the hooligans, graffiti artists, drug addicts, pushers - and rats - take over.
    • I spat at him, ‘I hope your wife finds out what a cheating, lying rat you really are and you get all that you deserve!’