Translation of ratable value in Spanish:

ratable value

valor catastral, adj.

(British rateable value)

Pronunciation /ˈreɪtəb(ə)l ˌvaljuː/



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    (del cual depende la contribución inmobiliaria) valor catastral masculine
    • It works out subscription fees for 30,000 UK pubs and clubs based on their rateable value.
    • If it were installed in the Tate Modern, the building would probably be worth more than the rateable value of Coney Street.
    • Where she was not right was in justifying the higher rate poundage on lower rateable values in Scotland.
    • And instead of paying a flat fee of £15 the clubs now face charges based on their rateable values.
    • Existing rateable values - a gauge of rental values - are based on a snapshot of the economy in 1993.