Translation of ratchet in Spanish:


trinquete, n.

Pronunciation /ˈratʃɪt//ˈrætʃət/


  • 1

    trinquete masculine
    (bar/mechanism/wheel) (before noun) de trinquete
    • To unscrew the casing is to throw open such a Pandora's Box of nuts and springs, axles, ratchets and governors as to confound all attempts to recapture them.
    • From the off position, the parking brake took six notches of its ratchet to be fully on.
    • The idea is that you randomly press down one tooth at a time. One of the teeth - and it changes each time - will cause the jaws to close with the crunch of a spring-loaded ratchet.
    • The hand keeps pressing against the ratchet as the hammer continues rearward.
    • Unlike using a ratchet, which allows for only a series of preset pitches, to hold the blades in position, the cam can grip anywhere along the guide are, allowing for very fine adjustments.
    • The ratchets on the extractor more perfectly engage the new cylinder hand, which was mated with it.
    • An adjustable ratchet, which neither reel has but which the tensioners might help simulate, would of course give you the best of both worlds.
    • I like this position as it means that, if required, you can easily engage or disengage the ratchet with the hand that is holding the rod while playing a fish.
    • The gears worked smoothly, to the minor accompaniment of the ratchet clicking and the links passing over the drive sprocket.
    • Surface marker buoy reels tend to work on some form of ratchet system that only allows line out when the ratchet is released.
    • Instantaneously, she grabbed the ratchet and started to work, stripping the cover to the engine exhaust.
    • A ratchet is a mechanical device that restricts movement in one direction and allows movement in the opposite direction.
    • Evolutionary software has already designed simple circuits, as well as physical mechanisms like the ratchet and cantilever.
    • To fill the void, I've been watching Monster Garage and Junkyard Wars, both of which are like Iron Chef with power tools & ratchets.
    • Examples of IVA tools are various sizes of wrenches and sockets, hexagonal, Phillips, and torque head drivers, pliers, and ratchets.