Translation of rate in Spanish:


velocidad, n.

Pronunciation /reɪt//reɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (speed) velocidad
      (rhythm) ritmo masculine
      rate of flow caudal masculine
      • rate of climb velocidad de ascensión / de subida
      • their vocabulary increases at a rate of five words a day su vocabulario aumenta a razón de cinco palabras por día
      • I'm reading at a rate of 100 pages a day estoy leyendo a un ritmo de 100 páginas por día
      • the runners set off at a tremendous rate los corredores salieron a una velocidad vertiginosa
      • at this rate/ at the rate we're going, it'll take weeks a este paso / al ritmo que vamos, nos va a llevar semanas
      • at any rate (in any case) en todo caso
      • most people agreed, or at any rate a significant majority casi todos estuvieron de acuerdo, o por lo menos la gran mayoría
      • I don't think he has another brother; at any rate, Dan is the one I'm talking about me parece que no tiene otro hermano; en todo caso es a Dan a quien me refiero
      • But their career may not move at the same rate or in the same direction as they first intended.
      • But police say it was traveling at a high rate of speed when the accident happened.
      • As I headed back to my car, a white van passed me at an extraordinary rate of speed.
      • As the officer was about to go after the cars, three more vehicles rounded the curve at a similar rate of speed.
      • Furthermore, the epicycle does not move at a uniform rate with respect to the centre of the deferent or the Earth.
      • Oh who am I kidding, the thought of riding wasn't the only thing that was causing my heart rate to speed up.
      • Near the sun you would increase speed at the rate of 600 mph each second, but you would feel no force acting upon you.
      • But we are really moving at an incredible rate to get medicines to the hospitals.
      • It is harder to attack a convoy, however, if it is moving at a high rate of speed.
      • It measures the rate at which small disturbances explode exponentially in time.
      • The gates take a relatively long time to close, so if the person before you moves at a normal rate, you should be able to go in with him/her.
      • Time is what measures the rate at which everything else changes.
      • Because of the moderate rate of speed, the bicyclist also wants and needs many miles of trails.
      • Everyone has at some point noticed how people talk at drastically varying rates of speed.
      • To calculate your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from 220.
      • They try to judge their speed with its rate of descent, and mistakes happen.
      • Flooding significantly enhanced the rate of photosynthesis at all light levels in both populations.
      • One of the principal parameters is the clock speed, the processing rate of the main processor.
      • He added that the streets were not packed with people and the march did not move at a constant rate.
      • The speed of silicon-based processors is limited by the rate at which electrons move round circuits.

    • 1.2(level, ratio)

      birth rate índice de natalidad masculine
      • suicide rate índice de suicidios
      • literacy rate nivel de alfabetización
      • rate of inflation tasa de inflación
      • rate of interest tasa de interés
      • rate of exchange tipo de cambio
      • rate of return rentabilidad
      • our campaign has had a high rate of success nuestra campaña ha tenido mucho éxito
      • the drop-out rate in schools la tasa de abandono escolar
      • the failure rate in this exam is too high hay un porcentaje demasiado alto de reprobados en este examen

    • 1.3(price, charge)

      postal rates (feminine plural) tarifas postales
      • peak/standard rate tarifa alta/normal
      • private tuition, reasonable rates clases particulares, precios módicos
      • the work is paid at a rate of $20 per hour el trabajo se paga a (razón de) 20 dólares por hora
      • it is paid at an hourly rate of ... la hora se paga a ...
      • that's the going rate eso es lo que se suele pagar

  • 2

    (local tax, formerly in UK)
    contribución feminine
    contribución municipal feminine
    contribución inmobiliaria feminine
    water rates cuota que se paga por el servicio de agua corriente
    • Businesses often question what they get in return for paying local authority rates.
    • Remember, it is our money, directly as taxes and rates or indirectly as rent, that pays for council services.
    • Local government gained its revenue from rates, a tax on land.
    • Local government did tax directly; its revenue came from rates collected on land.
    • We council tax payers pay rates to Central Government, which later gives money to the council to pay for such expenses.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (rank, consider)
    I rate her work very highly tengo una excelente opinión de su trabajo
    • how would you rate the book? ¿qué opinión te merece el libro?
    • to rate sb/sth as sth
    • I rate her as the best woman tennis player yo la considero la mejor tenista
    • how do you rate the film on a scale of 1 to 10? ¿qué puntuación le darías a la película en una escala del 1 al 10?
    • rated speed velocidad nominal
    • rated power potencia nominal
  • 2Britishinformal

    (consider good)
    I don't rate her chances no creo que tenga muchas posibilidades
  • 3

    I don't think this essay rates an A no creo que este trabajo merezca una A
    • his death rated barely a line in the paper el periódico apenas dedicó una línea a la noticia de su muerte
    • it didn't rate a mention no les pareció digno de mención

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (be classed)
    to rate as sth estar considerado como algo
    • he rates as one of the world's top swimmers está considerado como uno de los mejores nadadores del mundo
  • 2US

    (measure up)
    to rate with sb
    • Florida doesn't rate with me para mí Florida no vale gran cosa