Translation of ration in Spanish:


ración, n.

Pronunciation /ˈraʃ(ə)n//ˈræʃ(ə)n//ˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    ración feminine
    ration coupon cupón de racionamiento masculine
    • Petrol was scarce in the world let alone Ireland and was available on ration for essential services such as fire, ambulance, police, taxi and doctors.
    • They came out dry and floury, like something one would expect from a wartime ration.
    • So the refugees are having to swap some of their meager food ration for other vital supplies that they are not given.
    • For example a 1,200-pound mature horse at maintenance may need the total ration to supply 1.5 to 1.75 pounds of protein per day to meet these needs.
    • Two pounds of food a day was their ration, including ‘meat fibre mixed with fat’.
    • Cows are fed a total mixed ration and those yielding over 25 litres are fed concentrates in the parlour.
    • Ivan Denisovich eats the half ration of bread he brought with him.
    • Sweets had gone on ration in 1939, along with sugar and most other food and clothing items.
    • The food ration is enclosed in yellow plastic bags.
    • All milking females are fed the same ration and no allowances is made for stage of lactation.
    • He urged processors to bring in a subsidy on ration to help farmers' meet extra feed costs.
    • The first type, people come once a week, are weighed and measured, and receive their weekly ration.
    • Although even those sacred cows have had their hay ration reduced in the last few years.
    • Food, previously supplied on ration, is scarce and expensive.
    • We allowed the staff to use the card to buy the ration for themselves.
    • While they wait for the train, the prisoners eat their meager ration of bread.
    • He bursts into laughter as he recalls the time a soldier from Liverpool accidentally dropped his bread ration into the soup.
    • For example, it significantly reduced ration and fuel costs through consolidated contracting and distribution.
    • Slave families typically received a scant weekly ration of cornmeal and fatty pork.
    • Back in the barracks, Ivan Denisovich hides a portion of his bread ration inside his mattress.
  • 2rations plural

    víveres masculine
    to put sb on short rations reducirle la ración a algn

transitive verb

  • 1

    (food/goods) racionar
    we were rationed nos racionaban la comida
    • I'll have to ration you to two slices of bread te voy a tener que racionar el pan a dos rebanadas
    • Petrol rationing during the war slowed this trend.
    • In the case of the Working for Families package, the government is giving us back rationed amounts of our own money.
    • Brigid didn't understand it all, but because of some health problem Bob was strictly rationed with his daily input of liquid.
    • The continuation of war-time rationing squeezed living standards, while exports were increased.
    • Congestion charges are intended to ration a congested resource to those who value it the most.
    • Herring was one of the few foods that were not rationed during the war.
    • Electricity supplies were rationed because of frozen coal stocks, difficulties on the roads and labour unrest.
    • You could ration care, and only pay for a limited number of services.
    • But native Canadians still resent that their rights are rationed out by Parliament.
    • Maybe it stems from my experiences in secondary education when all writing materials were strictly rationed.
    • Waiting for services becomes the only way to ration the supply.
    • Carefully we rationed out about 13 milliliters each and then made a small toast for Christmas.
    • "We need to ration health resources, " she said.
    • The patient's physician did not want to be the one to ration resources at the bedside.
    • Elective services are being severely rationed around the country - with no debate.
    • The summer itself was the driest since 1995, the year of water rationing.
    • Instead of being a right, walking has become a privilege to be carefully rationed.
    • He sent him to Bombay to arrange for the release of the strictly rationed newsprint.
    • Currently, the US is rationing the supply of flu vaccine to the most at risk.
    • The solution, according to my vet, is carefully rationing her food.