Translation of rational in Spanish:


racional, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈraʃ(ə)n(ə)l//ˈræʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1(able to reason)

      (being) racional
      • However, he isn't entirely rational either according to our understanding of the term.
      • Anyway, enough of the justification of why a supposedly logical and rational person such as myself could take interest in something as supposedly trivial as astrology.
      • JACK McConnell came across last week, in the course of a lengthy interview, as rational, down-to-earth, pragmatic and fair.
      • Sarah had always been so sensible and rational and now she actually sounded as if she believed what she was saying.
      • Do we really believe that people who are capable of such horrifically violent crimes are going to be so coolly logical and rational?
      • David was usually a rational person; always able to maintain a sense of control.
      • And to a lot of people, I think he came across as the one who was smart and sensible and rational.
      • Unlike the first two, Proviesque rarely displays a logical structure that can be followed by sensible rational people.
      • Is it only acceptable to be rational and logical?
      • Even during the day, when he felt he was able to be more rational, he did not think it unlikely that he would be shot or crucified for his crime.
      • This guy used to be a dyed in the wool reactionary but I've noticed that lately he's been well… pretty sensible and rational.
      • On behalf of all dog owners and all sensible, rational people who still have common sense in this country, we say that this is bad legislation and that we are against it.
      • How can I be so sure that he'll continue to alienate the rational and sensible voting public with his political decisions?
      • "She was one of my favorite teachers, and always seemed so rational.
      • It was a sensible, reasonable, rational group.
      • Interestingly, even the mentally deranged humans are rational if not sensible.
      • To be honest, I once thought about having another woman, but I did not do it because I was able to be rational, I did not want to take any risks.
      • He wasn't supposed to be rational and logical like this!
      • I have a friend, a sensible, rational creature, not outwardly generous, but happy to share a garibaldi if pressed.
      • If you're not being rational and logical, I just walk away.

    • 1.2(sane, lucid)

      to be rational estar en su (or mi etc.) sano juicio

    • 1.3(sensible)

      (act/argument/suggestion) razonable
      (argument/suggestion/act) lógico
      capable of rational thought capaz de razonar
      • The ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity proved inadequate as bases for a fully rational society.
      • It seems to me that philosophers are often criticized for always demanding rational explanations.
      • Nor does it simply rest on the naive distinction between feeling and rational calculation.
      • Our capacity for savagery grows as rational thought is overwhelmed by fear, despair, and anger.
      • He also helped to establish the Roman Empire on a much more rational basis.
      • He sounded like he thought that was a complete, perfectly rational explanation.
      • Hegel develops his rational ontology of gender within a logic of oppositions.
      • When persons achieve perfect rationality, they accord with the rational order of a universe ruled by divine reason.
      • The market's savage reaction to most profit warnings is entirely rational.
      • Issues such as these are difficult to resolve on a purely rational basis.
      • If the substantive law of security could be more rational, so too could the terminology.
      • But it does not, by itself, make it rational to believe there is any such a connection.
      • I can get so bloody angry sometimes; it just doesn't seem rational.
      • Are you suggesting that rational arguments are not very important?
      • Purely rational arguments often fail to capture potential political audiences, so appeals to emotion are extremely useful.
      • Breton suggested that rational thought repressed the powers of creativity and imagination and thus was a hindrance to artistic expression.
      • Because these choices seem rational in the circumstances does not remove the fact that decisions have been made.
      • Nationwide regulations would be more rational, and cost allocations more effective.
      • Maybe it is simply so beyond our knowing that rational thinking breaks down.
      • But for many people, their faith isn't based around an irrational fervour, and it isn't based around rational logic.

    • 1.4(efficient)


  • 2

    • If you stop at this point, you will have a rational number that is very close to the decimal F.
    • His idea was that every real number r divides the rational numbers into two subsets, namely those greater than r and those less than r.
    • The set of rational numbers is denumerable, that is, it has cardinal number d.
    • Term formalism can perhaps be extended to the integers and rational numbers, but what are the real numbers supposed to be?
    • Boutroux's topics range from rational numbers to an analysis of the notion of a function.