Translation of rattle in Spanish:


ruido, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈrædl//ˈrat(ə)l/


  • 1

    ruido masculine
    (of train, carriage) traqueteo masculine
    there's a rattle somewhere in this car algo está vibrando en el coche
    • the rattle of hailstones el golpeteo / tamborileo del granizo
    • death rattle estertor de la muerte
    • The new cabs are 75 percent stiffer in construction to ward off squeaks and rattles.
    • There was more of a rattle in it this morning, and less of a hum, if that makes any sense.
    • Most of us neglect minor rattles because they don't directly affect the running of the car.
    • Somewhere around Parliament House, the rattle turned to a clunk.
    • There's the rattle and clang of the air lock opening and closing, and it seems she has worn her lead-weighted diving boots home.
    • From the brittle rattle of applause that staggered around the room, it was obvious that not too many of the audience were from the North Island.
    • The air seemed to beat against my ear drums, vibrating with the piercing rattle of insects… cicada's, grasshoppers and huge black beetles.
    • There was a rattle of wheels in the distance.
    • There is an occasional cough, the shuffle of a footstep, the jingle of some coins, and the rattle of newspapers.
    • They have a variety of calls usually described as whistles, rattles, trills, squeaks or screams.
    • The sound of the sea hitting the ship made it difficult to sleep and the rattle of tin dishes sounded over the groans of passengers being sick.
    • Spasms of alto sax meet the outer edge of the record, accompanied by the jingle of a music box and the rattle of metal shards dropping to the floor.
    • In the distance there is the rapid rattle of a Kalashnikov.
    • As they walked the halls, a rattle of gunfire intruded from across the filtration ponds.
    • Then in the distance I heard the rattle of a harness.
    • But when no further sounds or rattles came up through the hull, I realized that we had landed.
    • First the stupid heater developed a rattle at about 4am and woke me up.
    • A distinct rattle of chains caught my attention, emitted from the shadows.
    • A rattle of a chain in the distance caught Tonya's attention.
    • Immediately there was an explosion, then the loud rattle of wheels on wood, and a cheer.
  • 2

    • 2.1(for baby)

      sonajero masculine
      sonaja feminine Mexico
      cascabel masculine Chile

    • 2.2render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)British

      carraca feminine
      matraca feminine

    • 2.3(on rattlesnake)

      cascabel masculine
      (masculine plural) anillos córneos technical
      • Rattlesnakes shake their tail rattles as aposematic warnings.
      • The forked tongue darted from his lips, and the tip of his tail began the familiar sound of a rattle.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (make noise) hacer ruido
    (vibrate) vibrar
    I heard a key rattle in the lock oí el ruido de una llave en la cerradura
    • the chain rattled in the wind el viento hacía sonar la cadena
    • something in this car rattles hay algo en el coche que está haciendo ruido / vibrando
    • your door's rattling tu puerta vibra
    • the hail rattled on the plastic el granizo golpeteaba en / repiqueteaba sobre el plástico
    • he started rattling at the door empezó a sacudir la puerta
  • 2

    the carriage rattled over the cobblestones el carruaje traqueteaba por el empedrado
    • there's something rattling around in the back hay algo suelto allí atrás

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make rattle)
    hacer sonar
    he was rattling coins in a box agitaba una caja haciendo sonar las monedas que había dentro
    • the ghost rattled its chains el fantasma sacudía sus cadenas
    • he started furiously rattling pots and pans empezó, furioso, a hacer ruido con los cacharros
    • he rattled the door until I opened it sacudió la puerta hasta que le abrí
  • 2informal

    (worry, scare)
    poner nervioso
    to get sb rattled poner nervioso a algn