Translation of ratty in Spanish:


raído, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrati//ˈrædi/

adjectiverattier, rattiest


  • 1US

    hecho pedazos informal
    • I slipped into a faded pair of blue jeans and a ratty old t-shirt.
    • Did he write it before breakfast and so his low blood sugar levels made him a bit ratty?
    • I'm just glad I used my ratty old duffel bag and not my Pradas, Guccis and Louis Vuittons…
    • I felt cold in my ratty old nightshirt with the holes in it.
    • You can't read body language on the radio, but if ‘voice language’ is anything to go by, Tamaki was getting a tad ratty.
    • As the world's least patient person, I get extremely ratty when the till operator is working in slow motion.
    • I'll be tired and ratty today, and fine tomorrow.
    • I had a ratty orange sweater that I loved to death in high school and I accidentally wore it on Saint Patrick's Day.
    • Suddenly the ratty old sixties sofa that came with the flat is starting to look quite comfy.
    • Ideally there will be lyrics about their ratty bathrobes at some point, but I'm not picky, cause hey, I'm all about the glitz.
    • She had no taste in fashion and always wore old ratty clothes.
    • He has been visibly ratty about his inability to get the media to follow his agenda.
    • I got told today to stop being so ratty to customers, even when they are at their most ignorant.
    • Tomm was a bit ratty on Christmas eve but he seems fine, just a bit sniffly at the moment.
    • By her features they were slim and small under that old ratty coat.
    • In the center of the room was a knot of ratty blankets, and torn men's clothes, both dotted with blood.
    • I pulled up in front of an old and ratty home/office.
    • Ok, off the soapbox Mr M, it's late and I'm tired and ratty.
    • Even if it was a ratty old couch, it was still pretty comfortable.
    • Inside, two ratty couches and an old rug furnish the main meeting area.
    • It makes me ratty now and again, and I say, ‘Pull your finger out and do it quickly; don't do it in Glyndebourne time, do it fast.’
    • I'll use it once this one gets too ratty and old to be used anymore.
    • I used to get ratty and shout ‘read a book’ whenever I heard a child moan that he was bored.
    • While I'm in a bit of a ratty mood, does anybody want to have a guess about which smug London-based website e-mailed me overnight?
    • He's the guy who perhaps lives in the tiny studio apartment next door - that has mice - and he's got one good suit, but it's kinda ratty.
    • Remind me not to read things when I'm tired and ratty, as I am prone to misinterpretation.
    • So what can we hear now, the morning after the rush has worn off, now that we've feeling ratty and irritable?
    • Labour MP gets ratty over political vermin quip
    • ‘Hmmph, you're in a ratty mood’ my mum just said.
    • Cold, bare concrete floor, one to two small, ratty wool blankets.
    • When I shave my hair in a Mohawk, toss on a pair of cut-offs and a ratty U.W. Madison t-shirt, however, I'm instantly recognizable as a gringo.
    • Perhaps they enjoy hearing me sound all ratty and scratchy, trying to be polite in the name of friendship.
    • Couldn't get comfortable in bed, but managed to get to sleep, and I've woken up with the pain as bad as ever and feeling very ratty.
    • When I am sounding tired and ratty, stop demanding favours.
    • We're both sleep deprived and getting really ratty with one another.
    • How can I keep my suit from getting all ratty so fast?
    • She whispers, ‘I'm a little cold,’ and I grab a ratty old sleeping bag I have in the truck for this very purpose.
    • He can walk into the chicest and fanciest restaurant wearing his favorite old ratty T-shirt and jeans and nobody bats an eye.
    • She had put on her junky jeans that had holes and tears in it along with her ratty old black T-shirt.
    • So cranky and ratty was I, the friend even vowed she would never go shopping with me again - yeah, yeah!
    • She couldn't get conformable to begin with and then just got over tired and ratty.
    • He was dressed in a ratty T-shirt and running shorts.
    • Never mind the stupid knee-jerk reaction of mom and dad, never mind the pretty/rich = good, ratty / poor = bad dichotomy.
  • 2British

    to get ratty ponerse de mal humor
    • you ratty old bag! ¡vieja cascarrabias!