Translation of raucous in Spanish:


estentóreo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrɔːkəs//ˈrɔkəs/


  • 1

    (loud) estentóreo
    (loud) escandaloso
    (hoarse) ronco
    (shrill) estridente
    • Suddenly, Nicky began to laugh, a loud and raucous sound it was, almost making you feel ashamed to be next to him.
    • The atmosphere gets high spirited - with heckling and raucous laughter.
    • But the younger sister was an actress even then; loud, raucous and playing to the crowd.
    • They ended their set by standing on their amps and jumped off them while playing one loud raucous power chord.
    • She threw the keys back and forth, causing them to fill the air with raucous noise.
    • It stopped dead in the middle of the road with a raucous screech of the brakes.
    • Wash shoved through the doors and into a dim lighting and raucous noise of the saloon.
    • This Opera comes with a heavy bassline, a raucous bellow that would drown the loudest baritone.
    • Nothing startling, then, just a solid album for those who like their female vocalists neither too poppy nor raw and raucous.
    • Yet as soon as the young are hatched out, the bird loses its beautiful voice and schools its young with a harsh, raucous call.
    • The wildness of the charge sent shock waves through a non-violent, if raucous protest culture.
    • However, we were met with a raucous noise purporting to be music, and fairground stalls.
    • I am going to close my window to shut out the noise of raucous laughter coming from across the channel.
    • It's a big, bad, wonderful city - loud, raucous, and nasty, but it's also kind and dear.
    • James had a loud, raucous laugh and a terrific sense of humour.
    • Before entering, however, he was drawn to a nearby building by the sound of loud, raucous voices.
    • It was noisy, it was raucous, but at no time was there any trouble.
    • Occasionally, I can hear a car drive past or the raucous squawk of a seagull in search of a discarded fish supper.
    • It was a noisy, raucous place, but many a sailor was proud to say they were a part of it.
    • He was unprepared for the loud cheers from a raucous crowd that greeted him when he exited the restroom.